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Rent a car in Thasos

Thassos belongs to the islands of the North Aegean and its capital is Limenas. The island has experienced tourist development due to its green landscape and beautiful beaches. It is located near the town of Kavala and can be reached by ferry in one hour and a quarter from the port of Kavala or half an hour from the port of Keramoti, outside Kavala. If you are visiting the area by air you will be able to make a cheap car rental from Kavala Airport and continue on the island by boat. Alternatively you can rent a car in Thasos at the port of Limenas. The island is famous for producing olive oil and honey as there are plenty of olive trees as well as pines. Also on the island until today is marble mining.

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Local products of Thasos

The island is famous for its many local products, as it is full of olive trees, pine trees and pastures.

Olives and olive oil

Olives and olive oil production has been present on on the island of Thassos since many centuries ago. The olive tree offers its fruits for the production of oil as well as olives for consumption. The trunk is an excellent fuel, but quite rare as it is quite expensive to use. Animals can be fed from the olive leaves too. Olive oil and olives are considered part of a healthy diet.


Many residents in Thassos are engaged in beekeeping. In Thassos the most famous is the pine tree honey as the island has plenty of pine trees. There is also production of other honey products such as propolis, royal jelly, wax, pollen and honeycomb.

Spoon sweets

If you are in Thassos do not forget to try some local spoon sweet. The most famous sweet in Thassos is sweet walnut and fig. You can also find spoon sweet with zucchini, orange, rose and quince.

Fish and meat

In Thassos enjoy fresh fish in a tavern or restaurant that you will find everywhere. You will also find local goat and lamb cooked in different ways. Goat meat dishes are usually served in taverns, at the villages of Theologos, Panagia, Kazaviti and Maries.

Marble of Thassos

From the Paleolithic era to the 18th century BC. there are reports of marble mining in the area between Maries and Limenaria. Also in the 7th century BC. there are reports of gold mining. Thassos marble was used for buildings in Rome, and for other various constructions of the 1st to 3rd century AD. Marble is known for its whiteness and purity. It also has the property of absorbing heat. Marble mining continues until today.

Beaches in Thasos

Enjoy the beaches of Thassos one after the other with a cheap car rental. Well-known beaches for their light blue-turquoise color are the the Gold Coast, Alykes, Tripiti, Skala Potamia and Pefkari. Visit Giola, a natural seawater pool made famous by the many photos released on various websites. Most beaches are organized and you will find beach bars, taverns and hotels to enjoy your holidays with all comforts.

What to visit with a rental car

With your rental car you can visit various points of interest such as the Archaeological Museum of Thassos and the Monastery of Archangelos. In the museum of Thassos you can admire findings from the 7th century BC., but also from the island’s prehistory and the Paleolithic era. The museum is divided into 17 halls with a variety of topics to make your visit more interesting.

The Archangel Michael Monastery in Thassos is considered important and is built on a high cliff, offering unique views of the Aegean Sea to its visitors. It was built by the ascetic Luke in 1110 AD at the command of Archangel Michael. It has a chapel there, that springs holy water. In the monastery you can worship the Holy Euphrates, that is part of one of the nails that Christ crucified.

Kavala Airport

The nearest airport to Thasos is Kavala airport Alexander the Great (KVA). You can rent a car at Kavala Airport and cross to the island from the port of Keramoti. It’s the easiest way to get around and enjoy your vacations without the hassle of transportation. With Hellascar you will be sure to get a cheap and reliable car rental at the same time. With no hidden charges and 24 hour roadside assistance you will have nothing else to think, apart the countless beaches of Thasos!

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