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Rent a car at Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a big modern city, with more than 1 million citizens. It is the biggest city in Northern Greece and the second biggest in the whole country.  In Greece, it is considered the co-capital of the country. The main symbol of the city is the White Tower which is located on the coast road. Nowadays it works as a museum and hosts some beautiful collections regarding the Byzantine history of the city. Thessaloniki is a city where the modern part co-exists with the rich history of the city in harmony. You can discover more about the history of the town through the museums, the Byzantine churches and many other significant monuments. Thessaloniki is a city full of life all year long, with intense entertainment and exceptional gastronomy. Rent a car in Thessaloniki and explore this beautiful city.

Rent a car at Thessaloniki

Locations near Thessaloniki

Except for the city of Thessaloniki, which is a beautiful and safe place to visit, there are many touristic locations close to Thessaloniki where you can drive with a rental car from Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki, which is one of the most well-known and highly recommended places in Greece to visit for your summer holidays and is located only a few kilometres away, depending on the village you wish to see. Also, you can visit Perea to taste fresh fish and relaxing moments near the sea, which is located only 10 minutes away from Thessaloniki airport. Katerini is also a popular summer resort and only an hour driving distance from the city of Thessaloniki. In general, there are many cities in Northern Greece which are close to Thessaloniki and can satisfy all your preferences either in the summer period or for a trip all year long.

Cheap car rental in Thessaloniki and Greece for July – August

Great deals are waiting for you with a car rental at Thessaloniki for the months of July and August. If you are planning to travel to Greece, we suggest you rent a car at Thessaloniki airport, as it is the best way to move comfortably and with safety to your destination. With a rental car at Thessaloniki airport you can travel anywhere you want in Northern Greece such as, for example, for vacations in Halkidiki. Avoid overcrowding and drive your own car at the best market prices.

Deal for the Winter

Renting a car from Hellascar is easy, fast and safe! Trust Hellascar and secure a cheap car rental for Winter. Take advantage of our offer today and book your car rental for one week from 105 euros only! The price includes basic car insurance, and you do not have to pay a guarantee for the lease, without any hidden charges. Enjoy 24 hours of road assistance from Interamerican if you need it. Free shuttle service to and from the airport.

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Rent a car Thessaloniki Airport - International Airport Macedonia (SKG)

The International Airport Macedonia (SKG) is located just 15 km from the city centre of Thessaloniki. It connects the city with more than 30 countries abroad, as well as more than 35 cities and islands inside the borders of Greece with direct flights. There are available taxis 24 hours per day, and there is also a direct connection with the city centre via bus Number 78 for more economical transportation.

Pick up a rental car in Thessaloniki

Upon arrival at Thessaloniki airport, you will pick up the rental car from our offices near Thessaloniki airport. A Hellascar staff member will be waiting for you at the arrivals area, holding a sign with your name on it. Then you are transported free of charge within five minutes to our offices for the signing of the contract and the receipt of the rental car in Thessaloniki. The car rental company in Thessaloniki, Hellascar offers you cheap rental cars in Thessaloniki with the best service. You must have your driver's license and ID or passport for car rental in Thessaloniki.

Car rental companies at Thessaloniki airport

The easiest way to travel to Thessaloniki is by plane. If you are coming from Athens, there are frequent flights to Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki Airport from the city centre is about 30 minutes by car. There are various car rental companies at Thessaloniki airport, but also there are more close to the airport. If you are booking a rental car in Thessaloniki, we will take you from Thessaloniki Airport directly to the car rental station with a free shuttle service. There is no railway connection between Thessaloniki airport and the city centre yet. If you prefer to rent a car in the centre of Thessaloniki, you can take a taxi to the city. You should know that taxis charge quite high prices for the route to the centre of Thessaloniki. Therefore, it is worth renting a car directly at the airport. This way, you will be independent, saving the cost for taxis or public transport. Also, there are often attractive offers for car rental in Thessaloniki and at the airport due to increased competition. We recommend that you make your reservation early through the Hellascar booking form and see our offers for different categories of rental cars.

Rent a car in Thessaloniki and explore the city

Thessaloniki has many attractions and an enjoyable environment. There are many good offers for car rental in Thessaloniki at Hellascar. You can choose rental cars from different categories available in Thessaloniki and Greece. You can choose the rental car that suits you when searching for offers using the appropriate filters. Depending on whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as a family, you can choose a small car, a medium-sized economy car or a larger family car. Find the right rental car in Thessaloniki for you, easily with a few clicks. You can also book a car rental in Thessaloniki by phone at +30 2310 603600, and the reservations department of Hellascar will help you with your booking.

Tips for travelling with a rental car in Thessaloniki

With a rental car in Thessaloniki, travellers can quickly find themselves in the popular holiday destination of Halkidiki. Halkidiki is divided into three parts, Kassandra in the west, Sithonia in the middle and Mount Athos in the east. The three areas of Halkidiki are quite different in their character, but each has its own natural beauty and its unique archaeological treasures. With a cheap car rental in Thessaloniki, visit the small traditional villages of Halkidiki and the modern hotel facilities there. You will surely find some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece that compose a scene of turquoise waters and pine forests.

Kassandra is especially popular with swimmers who love the sea because there are many beautiful sandy beaches. Sithonia is somewhat more mountainous than Kassandra and is therefore attractive for hiking and mountain biking trips. Finally, for centuries, Mount Athos has been an autonomous state of monks in Greece. A place that only men have access. Mount Athos is at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. The area is exceptional, as there are many monasteries, of unique beauty and value. Be aware that visitors need a special permit to visit Mount Athos. There are also guided tours by boat, around the peninsula of Mount Athos.

Regarding parking places

Regarding the parking space in Thessaloniki city centre, there are many free spots to park when the retail stores are closed and many private parking spaces with low charges that are available 24 hours per day seven days per week. Into the airport area, there are also low-cost private parking spaces which give you the possibility to park for free, the first 20 minutes in case you just want to pick up or drop off someone.

The climate of the city

The climate in the region of Thessaloniki can be considered as Mediterranean. Temperature is the highest in July and the lowest in January. The annual thermometric range exceeds 20 ° C. During the year, about 140 days have a maximum temperature of more than 25 ° C and about 70 days above 30 ° C, while 107 days or more are sunny. All the above information makes Thessaloniki an ideal destination for all seasons, to give yourself the best travel experience you deserve.

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