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Rent a car in Samos Airport

Samos is a Greek island located in the eastern Aegean. The capital of the island is Samos or otherwise Lower Vathi. It is the closest island of Greece to Turkey. The distance is only 800 meters and separates them from the Mykalis Strait. Samos is an island rich in vegetation, and its history is linked to Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician and philosopher. Famous for the Pythagorean theorem, he left evidence of his undoubtedly intense personality on the island. Samos is known for its production of the famous muscat wine, honey and olive oil. Samos, of course, does not lack the history of unique sights. For example, the Euphaline Cave and the Pythagoras Cave are among the most popular. It is worth exploring the island with cheap car hire at Samos Airport.

Rent a car in Samos Airport

Samos Airport (SMI)

The Aristarchus of Samos Airport was named after Aristarchus, a Greek mathematician and astronomer, who was born in Samos in 310 BC. Aristarchus was the first scientist to propose the solar-centric model of our solar system. Samos State Airport is located on the southeast side of the island. It is about 5 kilometres from Pythagorion, one of the most ancient and historic settlements of Samos. In Pythagorio there is also the Pythagorian port that connects the island with the neighbouring islands. The airport is about 14 kilometres from the capital of the island, Vathi. The journey is about 20 minutes via the Vathi-Chora provincial road. Also from the port of Karlovasi located on the northwest side of the island, the distance is more significant, about 37 km.

Samos Airport is very small in size, has a single runway for landing and take-off, and strong winds often make pilots more difficult. Throughout the year, only domestic flights connecting the island with the Greek capital Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios and Rhodes are operated. Also, while waiting at the airport, you can use free and unlimited wi-fi internet access, there are two small coffee shops and automatic banking machines. Samos Airport can be reached by taxi or bus. However, there are also car rental companies for your smooth transfer to the island. Hellas Car is waiting for you to meet you to rent a car in Samos Airport for the best possible accommodation on the island.
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Car rental at Samos airport

If you arrive by plane at Samos Airport (SMI) and want to explore the beauties of the island of Samos, you can do it with your rental car. You can book a car rental at Samos Airport before you arrive from the car rental company at Samos Airport, Hellascar. Use the booking form at hellascar.com and compare prices from different rental car categories. Choose the car that suits your needs from a variety of cars such as a small economy to a spacious SUV, to enjoy your vacation in Samos.

How to get to the city of Samos. Car rental at Samos airport, taxi, bus

There are several ways to get to the island’s capital from the airport. You can take the bus, which stops right in front of the terminal. Tickets can be purchased from the driver. If you want to take a taxi to the island’s capital, you should know that the cost is around € 30. The best way to save yourself from the inconvenience and unforeseen expenses is to rent a car at Samos airport. With the rental car, you get the opportunity to have the independence of movement and absolute comfort.

Ships to and from Samos

Samos has several ports for access with a boat, such as the ports of Vathi and Pythagorion. Various ferry companies make itineraries to Samos and the rest of the Aegean islands. So you can explore other Aegean islands in the Dodecanese and the picturesque Cyclades. If you want to travel to the mainland and Athens, there is a ferry connection between the northern port of Samos in Karlovasi to the port of Piraeus.

Cheap car rental at Samos airport

Samos Airport is officially known as “Aristarchus of Samos” and is about a 30-minute drive from the city of Samos. It is located on the southeast coast of the island, within walking distance of the quiet village of Potokaki. The airport is very busy during the summer months. Many tourists from Greece and other European countries come this summer for holidays.

Renting a car at Samos airport is a good choice. With a rental car, you can reach the city of Samos comfortably and safely. You will always have the independence of movement during your vacation, and you will be able to explore the whole island on your own. Hellascar and its partners have a large fleet of modern and well-maintained rental cars for you. Car rental from the car rental office at Samos airport is done through the hellascar.com reservation form.

Start your vacation with the rental car, and arrive at your hotel immediately after you arrive in a very comfortable and stress-free way. And of course, the rental car will transport you comfortably on all your trips to the island. Discover remote bays and picturesque mountain villages with a cheap rental car from Samos Airport. You can also go hiking in the mountains of Kerkis and Ampelos and enjoy nature.

Hellascar offers you reliable rental cars at Samos airport. We are distinguished for excellent customer service and the lowest prices on the market.

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