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Rent a car in Karpathos Airport

Are you looking for an island that combines the mountain with the sea and the exotic beaches with the traditional villages? You can stop searching, Karpathos is precisely what you are looking for. Plan to rent a car in Karpathos Airport and explore the island! Its name is also unique, as it comes from the “grabbing of the gods”. According to mythology, the first inhabitants of the island, recognizing the beauty of their place, wanted to grab the ancient gods of Greece from their place of residence, Olympus, and take them here. So from the capture of the gods, they were named “Arpathioi” who later became “Karpathians” to end up in their current name Carpathians.

Rent a car Karpathos Airport

The island is the definition of “value for money”. It is very affordable and at the same time rich in beauty and grace. Port and capital of Karpathos are Pigadia, with busy pedestrian streets and beautiful buildings with Italian architecture, remnants of the Italians living there before ages.

You will need to rent a car in Karpathos Airport and start exploring the mountains of the island. No matter how good it is in Pigadia, in the mountain villages you will live a unique experience. Time travel with the pulse of another era to a more authentic Greece. The best example is Olympos. A village located in the wild nature of the mountains and at the same time so friendly. Here, the village is characterized as traditional. You can fee it by the way its inhabitants live their life. They harvest their fields with their hands without modern machinery. Also, they bake their bread in the wood-fired oven, and it smells fantastic! Moreover, they still use their windmills. By the way, the 70 picturesque windmills are an ideal location for taking photos, especially at sunset.

Activities in Karpathos with a cheap car rental car

There are many activities you can do in Karpathos. Seaside or mountainous activities are available with all the beauty of nature around you. For hiking enthusiasts, there is a network of a hiking path, of about 200 kilometres. This network is composed of 50 labelled walking paths. So after a relaxing walk in nature, you will need a refreshing bath to the beach. The island has over 100 beaches with sand or pebbles. They are all with crystal clear water, waiting for you to discover. Complete a perfect day with fresh fish and some ouzo or wine by the sea. Karpathos has excellent food to offer.

Rent a car Karpathos airport

Karpathos Airport (name IATA: AOK) is located in Afiarti, 15 km south of the port Pigadia. There is a bus service by Karpathos KTEL (buses) at the airport, but there is also a taxi rank in the area of ​​arrivals during airport opening hours. As we have already mentioned, the use of a car is necessary so that you can see all the beauties of the island from end to end. Rent a car at Karpathos Airport through our page hellascar.com to get the best service at the best price.

Cheap car rentals at Karpathos airport

If you are planning to explore the South Aegean during your next vacation, Karpathos is an ideal destination. Rent a car from Karpathos airport and start exploring the island. The best way to pick up your rental car in Karpathos is upon arrival at the airport and car rental company at Karpathos Airport. Karpathos is also known as the Diamond of the Aegean. It is the second-largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and is considered truly beautiful. Untouched nature, authentic inhabitants and a rich history await you to discover them. Meet the most beautiful sides of this island and explore not only the city of Karpathos but also all the magical places with your rental car from Karpathos airport.

Why rent a car at Karpathos airport

The rental car gives you the freedom to drive anywhere, anytime. At the hellascar.com booking form, we give you the opportunity to compare prices from different car categories, as well as to add additional services. Comparing our prices with other car rental companies at the airport of Karpathos, you will see that you can book a cheap rental car at the airport of Karpathos with Hellascar. You will find a car that suits you best. You can rent a variety of different rental cars and have glorious moments on the island.

Start your vacation with the rental car from Karpathos Airport

Karpathos Airport also serves flights from Europe so you can just book your rental car directly from the internet before travelling. Your car will be ready for you at the airport terminal.

Discover the most beautiful sides of the island by renting a car at Karpathos airport

Is there anything better than a rental car ride on the coastal roads of Karpathos? Rent a cheap rental car from the car rental company at Karpathos airport and take as many trips as you want.

Drive to the dreamy beaches of Karpathos that attract many vacationers. Explore the island’s attractions and picturesque beaches. When renting a car, you can also ask for advice on where you can go with the rental car in Karpathos. Drive your rental car to Ammoopi, a seaside resort with a great beach.

The village of Ammoopi is not far from the town of Karpathos. During recent years, the area has grown rapidly and is popular with tourists. Beautiful beaches invite you to a day of relaxation at sea.

You can also go to the church of the Apostles near Ammoopi. It is an old church of the Apostles, as it is known through some written testimonies. In addition, it is worth a visit to Lefkos. It is a place characterized by ancient Greek history with many magical beaches and some archaeological treasures.

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