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Rent a car in Zakynthos Airport

Zakynthos, also known as Fiore of Levante, which means blossom of the east, is an island located in the Ionian Islands. It is very close to Kefalonia and has a population of about 40 thousand inhabitants. The economy of Zakynthos is mainly based on tourism. However, it also has quite significant agricultural production as the island grows olives, citrus fruits, raisins, and various floricultural products. Zakynthos also has about 20,000 acres of vineyards producing more than 60 varieties of grapes, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit the island’s historic wineries. It is also essential to rent a car at Zakynthos Airport to be able to travel comfortably.

Rent a car in Zakynthos Airport

The star and attraction of the island are undoubtedly the famous Caretta caretta turtles that come every year from the North Adriatic and the Gulf of Libya up here to lay their eggs on the beaches of the island and mainly in Sekania east of Laganas. Because of them, there is the first National Marine Park of Greece at Zakynthos. Many of the island’s shores are also considered protected sites of the Natura 2000 network.

Drive to the beaches with a car hire in Zakynthos

In addition to turtles, Zakynthos beaches are preferred by thousands of tourists each year. Laganas, Vassilikos and the Blue Caves are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. However, the undisputed king of the island and world-famous attraction is the famous shipwreck. It is the homonymous beach with white sand and turquoise water.

Also, two kilometres from Zakynthos town centre is the old Bohali district. You can walk through the narrow streets. There, you will have your coffee while enjoying the magnificent view of the harbour. If you go even higher, in the lush forest you will discover the fortress of Zakynthos which is located there from the Venetian occupation and travels you to another era. A prominent figure on the island is the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos who was born there in 1798. His most famous work is “Anthem of the Freedom”. The first two turns are the National Anthem of our country.

Zakynthos Airport cheap car rental (ZTH)

Zakynthos Airport “Dionysios Solomos” is located 5 kilometres south of the city of Zakynthos.  Currently, it is not served by a bus service, but there is a taxi station at the airport’s opening hours. Because Zakynthos has many beauties to offer, but many of them are not easily accessible, such as some fantastic inaccessible beaches, the best option if not the only one for moving to the island is to rent a car in Zakynthos Airport. You can instantly book your car rental at Zakynthos Airport easily, quickly and reliably through our hellascar.com page. Booking a cheap car rental from Zakynthos airport will avoid the hassle and wasting valuable vacation time.

Tips for your trip with a rental car at Zakynthos airport

Probably the most popular destination for an excursion to Zakynthos is at the northwest of the island and is only accessible by boat directly from the sea. In the picturesque bay of Navagio, there is a shipwreck, which is a well-known image for this beach in Zakynthos.

The blue cave at the North Cape of Zakynthos is accessible by boat. If you want to go there, you can drive to Skinari or Agios Nikolaos with a rental car at Zakynthos airport and find a captain with his boat to take you straight to the cave. Inside the cave, there is a unique spectacle of colours and reflections of light that visitors should not miss. Nowhere in the world are there more turquoise combinations than here.

Zakynthos is also ideal for beach holidays. The golden sandy beaches of the island invite you to sunbathe and relax. In the south, the most athletic types can indulge in water sports at the beach of Laganas, one of the most beautiful on the island. There you can go sailing and windsurfing or just relax. The south side of Zakynthos is ideal for diving where you can watch sea turtles and monachus-monachus seals, as well as countless caves. Due to the short distances, you can explore the most beautiful sights of Zakynthos in a few days. Book your car rental at Zakynthos airport and start your tour in Zakynthos!

Zakynthos airport cheap car rental

This fantastic island is also accessible by plane within a few hours from Europe via Dionysios Solomos Zakynthos (ZTH) airport. The international airport, named after the famous poet born here, and is used exclusively for passenger transport and offers regularly scheduled flights to and from Germany and England all year round.

Many car rental companies offer their rental cars for transportation directly at Zakynthos airport. With a car driver’s license within the European Union, the car rental process at Zakynthos airport is easy. Depending on the car rental company at Zakynthos airport, the minimum rental age is between 21 and 23 years.

Road network and cheap car rental at Zakynthos airport

Zakynthos is easy to explore by renting a car, as all the places and important sights of the island are easily accessible by road. There are no major highways, just smaller provincial roads. Driving a rental car in Zakynthos, you will often have a view of the blue-green sea and the green olive groves, which makes driving in Zakynthos a unique experience.

By ferry to Zakynthos. Cheap Car rental at Port of Zakynthos

You can also travel to Zakynthos by sea. Through the port of Zakynthos, the island is connected to the islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Paxos. It is also connected by ferry to Kyllini and Patras from the Peloponnese. However, the itineraries are not the same for the whole year, and the prices vary depending on the season. You can get more information from shipping companies Kefalonian Lines, Levante Ferries, Red Star Ferries and Ventouris Ferries. Finally, you can make a reservation for a cheap car rental at Port of Zakynthos from Hellascar.com and continue your vacation on the island.

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