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Rent a car at Kefalonia Airport

Kefalonia is an island at the Ionian Sea and is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It has a population of 35,000 people, and its economy is based on tourism and commerce. It has an airport and several ports. Although it is a mountainous island, in Kefalonia you can find beautiful beaches that are famous worldwide. Traditional local sweets and food products as well as stunning views, attract a large number of visitors. Especially during the summer, they flood the island. Explore this beautiful island and rent a car in Kefalonia Airport or port with Hellascar.

Rent a car in Kefalonia Airport

Kefalonia Airport (EFL)

The state airport of Kefalonia “Anna Polatou” was named after the Greek athlete of rhythmic gymnastics born in Kefalonia. Among other successes, her most notable was in 2000 when she won the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics. She has also added several awards to her racing profile. The airport is named with her name, to honour her after she lost her life in a car accident at the age of 30.

Kefalonia Airport was founded in 1971. It is located in the southwestern part of the island and is 10 km away from the capital of the island, Argostoli. The nearest major village to the airport is Svoronata within 2 km distance. The original construction of the airport had a total runway of 1,200 meters. In the years that followed, the runway was improved as it was widened. The length of the runway today reaches 2,500 meters. It can also service Airbus A300 and Boeing 767 aircraft. However, the lack of high-quality fire safety services and the short runway does not allow it to support the requirements of larger aircraft.

Kefalonia Airport mainly operates for domestic flights to Athens and other Ionian islands, such as Zakynthos and Corfu. During the summer season, due to the increased demand for tourist arrivals, the number of domestic flights are increasing. There are also direct flights to foreign countries such as Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Kefalonia airport today

Since 2017 the airport of Kefalonia has been managed by Fraport Greece which has been in charge of maintaining and utilizing the airport for years to come. The aim is to improve and refurbish the facilities as well as expand the overall airport area. The high traffic during the summer months is causing overcrowding and parking at the airport is often not enough for private car parking. It is recommended to rent a car from Kefalonia Airport to facilitate your tour to the island. Hellas Car can arrange a car rental at Kefalonia Airport.

At Kefalonia Airport you can easily find either a taxi available 24 hours or a bus. Car rental companies are located within the airport, as well. Hellas Car will reward your choice of car rental by offering competitive prices and quality services. Rent a car at Kefalonia Airport now using our website hellascar.com. Easy to use environment and few steps will complete your reservation.


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