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Kefalonia Rent a car Airport

On our Kefalonia rent a car airport services you can have the most amazing and hassle free trip! Are you ready to visit astonishing places and meet special people? 

This island is located at the Ionian Sea and is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It has a population of 35,000 people, and its economy is based on tourism and commerce.

In general, what we can say about this destination is that there are many things to admire. Our Kefalonia rent a car airport solution will help you explore every inch of this beautiful landscape 

Kefalonia Rent a car Airport

Explore astonishing places on our Kefalonia rent a car airport service 

Despite being a mountainous island, Kefalonia rent-a-car airport solution allows you to easily access beautiful beaches. Traditional local sweets and food products as well as stunning views attract a large number of visitors. 

Especially during the summer, they flood the island. Explore this beautiful island and benefit from our great Kefalonia rent a car airport services. 

Kefalonia Airport Pays Tribute: The Inspiring Legacy of Anna Polatou 

The state airport of Kefalonia “Anna Polatou” was named after the Greek athlete of rhythmic gymnastics born in Kefalonia. Among other successes, her most notable was in 2000 when she won the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics.

She has also added several awards to her racing profile. The airport is named after her name, to honour her after having lost her life in a car accident at the age of 30.

Kefalonia Airport: Expanding Horizons with Enhanced Infrastructure for Larger Aircraft 

Kefalonia Airport was founded in 1971. It is located in the southwestern part of the island and is 10 km far from the capital of the island, Argostoli. The nearest major village to the airport is Svoronata within 2 km distance.

The original construction of the airport had a total runway of 1,200 meters. In the years that followed, the track was improved as it was widened. The length of the runway today reaches 2,500 meters.

It can also serve Airbus A300 and Boeing 767 aircraft. However, the lack of high-quality fire safety services and the short track does not allow it to support the requirements of larger aircraft.

Seamless Travel Experience by our Kefalonia Rent a Car Airport solution, regardless of your arrival location

Kefalonia Airport mainly operates for domestic flights to Athens and other Ionian islands. So if you want to visit nearby islands apart of Kefalonia, you can always take advantage of our Zakynthos rent a car or Corfu rent a car solution. 

During the summer season, due to the increased demand of tourist arrivals, the number of domestic flights are increasing. There are also direct flights to foreign countries such as Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

Kefalonia rent a car airport: The best way to start your trip 

Since 2017 the airport of Kefalonia has been managed by Fraport Greece which has been in charge of maintaining and utilizing the airport for years to come. The aim is to improve and refurbish the facilities as well as expand the overall airport area. 

The high traffic during the summer months causes overcrowding and parking space at the airport is often not enough for private car parking. For this reason, it is recommended to take advantage of the best Kefalonia rent a car airport and facilitate your tour to the island. Hellas Car can help you make the right choice. 

Is Our Kefalonia rent a car airport services, the best solution? 

At Kefalonia Airport you can easily find either a taxi available 24 hours or a bus. Car rental companies are located within the airport, as well. Hellas Car will reward your choice of car rental by offering competitive prices and quality services.

Rent a car at Kefalonia Airport now using our website hellascar.com. Easy to use environment and few steps will complete your reservation. 

Seamless Island Exploration: Kefalonia Rent a Car Airport Solution for Unforgettable Adventures 

Kefalonia International Airport is located almost six kilometres from Argostoli, the island’s capital. You have the option to rent a car from there. With a rental car from Kefalonia Airport, you can drive to the beautiful island much more comfortably.

Car rental at Kefalonia Airport is easy to be found by making a reservation at hellascar.com. However, it is reasonable to compare prices from car rental companies before renting a car.

Once you receive the car from the car rental company at Kefalonia Airport, you can drive to your hotel without any hassle. From the airport, you can quickly reach the most beautiful places in Kefalonia.

Firskardo boats, kefalonia rent a car airport

Witness the Splendor of Melissani Cave with Kefalonia Rent a Car Airport Adventure 

Drive your cheap rental car from Kefalonia Airport to the Melissani underground cave in the village of Sami. Inside the cave, there is a lake that was a place of worship of the god Pan of the ancient Greeks.

At the Archaeological Museum in Argostoli, you can see a lot of evidence for this. The magic cave is open to visitors from spring to autumn. You can get into a boat with oars in the lake at noon and see the cave.

Then the sun shines through an opening and reveals a beautiful play of colours.

Greece, Melissani kefalonia rent a car airport

Conquer the Majestic Mount Ainos: Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit by Kefalonia Rent a Car Airport 

With your rental car from Kefalonia Airport, you can discover more attractions. Hikers will be happy to explore the 1,628-meter-high Mount Ainos.

At the base of the mountain, you can see small farms and traditional settlements and get in touch with the locals. Park your rental car in the foothills of the mountain and walk on one of the many paths to the top, where the temple of Zeus once stood.

Famous beaches by Kefalonia car rental airport. Pick up your favorite 

Greece, Xi Beach Kefalonia rent a car airport


The famous beach of Myrtos on the north coast of Kefalonia offers absolute relaxation. The magnificent golden beach in Myrtos Bay is one of the most beautiful on the island.

The crystal clear water and the fine sandy beach will particularly impress its visitors. You will be enchanted by the mountainous part of the island that rises just behind the idyllic beach of Myrtos.

There are also many other options to visit for swimming on your rental car, such as Xi Beach.

Choose the Kefalonia rent a car airport solution and visit idyllic landscapes 

Don’t forget to visit the idyllic village of Assos, located just a few kilometres northern of a quiet bay. There, a narrow strip of land connects the shore of the Fortress to Kefalonia. This magical place is connected to the sea on both sides.

Greece, Assos Kefalonia rent a car airport

At the same time, the lush peninsula with the castle of Assos and the ancient ruins invite you to go there for a walk. A visit on the cheap rental car from the airport of Kefalonia will pleasantly surprise you since from there you will have a fantastic view of the Ionian Sea.

Ships to and from Kefalonia. Kefalonia rent a car airport and port services 

Many ferry services connect Kefalonia with mainland Greece, the neighbouring island of Ithaca and two Italian cities, Bari and Brindisi.

If you want to get to Kefalonia by boat, you can choose between two different arrival ports depending on where it serves you best. Both ports are located on the eastern coast of the island.

Also, the port of Sami is located on a small bay that connects the island to the mainland, the island of Ithaca and Bari. The port of Poros in Kefalonia is ideal for travelling by boat to Kyllini, Peloponnese.

Why Choose booking from Hellas Car as your Kefalonia rent a car airport solution? 

Hellas Car is the best rental car company, that offers you the most amazing Kefalonia rent a car airport experience at a low budget with no hidden costs and zero excess insurance. 

Kefalonia island is one of the most famous Ionian Islands and includes multiple locations. Our car company give you the chance to visit all of them on the most reliable car rental and the best rental cars.

So, Whichever is your request from special services to different types of vehicles feel free to contact us for any additional information. 


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