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Rent a car in Kalamata Airport (KLX)

Kalamata is a beautiful city in the Peloponnese and capital of the prefecture of Messinia. It has a port and an airport. Kalamata is a vibrant city with a Mediterranean climate, which is an important economic centre of the wider region. More than 50,000 people work there. Kalamata is also famous for the local production and distribution of many products including olives, oil and the favourite Kalamatian handkerchief. Important sights of the city are the Agion Apostolon Church, the Frankish castle and the Kalamata Railway Municipal Park. You have the opportunity to find out more about the city if you rent a car at Kalamata Airport.

Rent a car in Kalamata Airport

Activities with a car rental from Kalamata Airport

For lovers of history, art and museums, there are plenty of places of interest in the area. For example, the Benaki Archaeological Museum of Kalamata and the Kalamata Military and Folklore Museum. Also the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art and of course the Archaeological Museum of Messinia. In the city, there are many events throughout the year with great interest. Every Easter there is a revival of the “Saita war” custom. Also, there is the carnival in Messina on the last Sunday of the carnival period. Also the International Dance Festival and many theatrical performances and concerts held in the amphitheatre of the castle.

For nature lovers, a plethora of activities and extreme sports will keep them active. There are fantastic landscapes that nature offers throughout the area. Also, favourite activities include mountain climbing on Taygetos and mountain bike. Extra off-road trips by jeep, paragliding and of course camping and water sports during the summer.

Kalamata Airport car rental

9 km west of the city is Kalamata International Airport “Captain Vas. Constantakopoulos. ” (IATA name: KLX). At the airport entrance, there is a bus stop connecting the airport with the city of Kalamata. Also with Messina, Pylos and other areas of the prefecture. Then from the town of Kalamata, there is a direct connection to many major cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Ioannina. There is a taxi service at Kalamata Airport which operates during the open hours of the airport if you want to avoid the bus crowd. Of course, the best and most popular way to travel is to rent a car in Kalamata airport that will give you complete autonomy and ease of movement. You can instantly rent a car in Kalamata Airport through our hellascar.com page quickly, easily and cheaply!

Car rental at Kalamata Airport

You can fly directly to the city of Kalamata from several cities in Europe. You will land at Kalamata International Airport, which is about 8 km from the city of Kalamata with a car rental at Kalamata Airport. Driving on the well-developed road, you can go to Athens via Corinth, Tripoli and Megalopolis. From Kalamata you can get straight to the highway in about 6 km. You can rent a car at the airport of Kalamata and choose the car that suits you best.

To be able to book the car you want quickly and easily, you need to use the booking form at hellascar.com. There, you can discover our offers and choose additional services if you wish. Car rental company at Kalamata airport, Hellascar will help you find a cheap rental car. It is best to make a reservation for a rental car at Kalamata Airport a few weeks before your arrival. This way, you are more likely to get a better price and the car model you want. Your trip to Kalamata can start beautifully, and you can live beautiful days in the city and the surrounding areas.

What to see in the area with a rental car at Kalamata airport

Kalamata is located in the Peloponnese region and is the centre of the Messinia region. The most popular product produced in Kalamata is the Kalamon olive. The variety of olives produced there have the characteristic name of origin “Kalamon”. Olive is also exported abroad. Kalamata is a historic city as it is connected with important events concerning the Greek Revolution of 1821. The official struggle for freedom against the Turks began in Kalamata on March 25, 1821.

The Benaki Archaeological Museum is located in the city centre and is quite worth a visit. Also, many Byzantine churches are located in the area, and you can see them with a rental car from Kalamata Airport. If you like trains, you should visit the Railway Museum in Kalamata. It opened in 1986 and is located in the former building of the station. It is located in a large park where you can relax and take a walk.

Explore the city with a cheap car rental at Kalamata Airport

The main attraction is the large port. There is also a castle built in the 13th century during the Frankish occupation by Godfrey I Villardwin. The old town with the monastery of Kalograion also attracts many visitors. The Folklore Museum with an image gallery and library that houses 60,000 volumes and other rare editions are additional points of interest that you can visit.

Travel to Athens by rental car from Kalamata airport

If you are in Kalamata, then you have the opportunity to make a short trip to Athens by renting a car from Kalamata airport. Along the way, you can make a stop in Corinth. There you can see many ancient treasures from the Greek and Roman eras. In any case, you should visit the Temple of Apollo. The impressive ruins of the Temple of Apollo will impress you and show you how important this area was in Roman times. Also, a small museum is located right at the site of the excavation. There, you will find various rooms with ancient pottery, mosaic icons, murals and sculptures from the Hellenistic and Roman eras.

The next day you can continue your journey in the rental car from the airport of Kalamata and continue to Athens. Athens has a history of about 7500 years, even the Neolithic. The list of destinations for excursions is long in the surrounding areas. Don’t miss a visit to the Acropolis with the Parthenon Temple, the Temple of Victory, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, the wall of the ancient city of Kerameikos and many museums. This trip will leave you with the best impressions.

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