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Rent a car in Ikaria Airport

Ikaria is one of the largest islands in the Northeast Aegean. Part of incredible natural beauty and substantial cultural and historical heritage. Island for all ages and all tastes. It offers a variety of activities, either coastal or mountainous. It combines the relaxed with the intense and the wild with the beautiful. Don’t think about it anymore. Ikaria is the perfect place for your next vacation. You will only need to rent a car in Ikaria Airport because the island is big!

Rent a car in Ikaria Airport

In Ikaria, most residents reach the age of 90. The island is one of the so-called blue zones. That is, it is among the five regions in the world with the highest life expectancy. Key factors of this achievement are said to be the diet and especially the relaxed rhythms followed by the residents. The way of life is drastically reducing stress and the harmful to health stress.

Gastronomy in Ikaria

In terms of nutrition, Ikaria is a gastronomic paradise. Here you will have the opportunity to experience unique flavours, recipes with centuries of history and local products that nature offers generously. Fresh fish, goat cheese, traditional pies, pastries, honey, ouzo and of course the local wine, the famous Pramnios Wine, will satisfy your appetite, to the fullest.

The thermal baths. Ikaria with a rental car

In recent years, another side of Ikaria has emerged. We are talking about the healing properties of the hot springs and baths. Ikaria springs have become a tourist attraction. People from Greece and abroad travel for therapeutic purposes. Of course, even if you don’t need the healing properties, don’t forget to visit at least one of the eight natural hot springs that are scattered throughout the island as they are incredibly refreshing for body and mind.

The beauties of Ikaria. Cheap car rental Ikaria Airport

A feature of Ikaria that you do not easily find on another island is that its most beautiful villages are those that are mountainous. Proof of this are villages like Christos Rachon. You may have heard it, even if its name doesn’t remind you anything. It is known that the shops there do not operate during the day, but they open at night until dawn.

It is also worth a stop for a coffee in the picturesque square of the village of Akamatra to admire its unique architectural character and the happy residents. In many villages such as Akamatra, the famous Ikarian festivals are held. People there enjoy a lot of drinks, food, fun and Ikarian dance. In summer, of course, the sea is a must, so the island will compensate you with its exotic beaches, with the most famous being the Seychelles beach with its emerald water. Rent a car in Ikaria Airport you will be able to get to visit all these places.

Rent a car in Ikaria airport

Ikaria Airport (name IATA: JIK) is located 12 km northeast of the city of Agios Kirikos. Ikaria airport connects to the three largest airports in Greece, namely Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion. During the summer months, there is a bus that connects Ikaria airport with the port of Agios Kirikos. Of course, there is also a taxi rank outside the arrivals during the airport opening hours. However, as mentioned above, car rental is necessary if you want to experience everything the island has to offer. Rent a car rental in Ikaria Airport easily and reliably through our hellascar.com page.

Explore the island. Ikaria Airport cheap car rental

Dreamy villages built on rocks and slopes, fascinating gorges and valleys and a dreamy view of the blue Aegean. These are the pictures you will find on the island of Ikaria. The picturesque and beautiful Ikaria enchants with its charm from the very first moment. Especially in spring, the island enchants with its rich, flowering and aromatic vegetation. Hikers and nature lovers will definitely be satisfied.

Drive the comfortable rental car at Ikaria Airport and discover the wild romantic beauty of the island. Discover picturesque villages with small churches and monasteries. In Ikaria, you will find romantic bays with crystal clear sea, ideal for a swim. You can also stop and explore various archaeological sites on your trip. In a search for relaxation, you should visit the port of Agios Kirikos.

In Therma, there are thermal springs that gush water at 50 degrees Celsius. Make a reservation for the ideal car for rent at Ikaria Airport and take advantage of a variety of cars in Hellascar. Hellascar is a car rental company at Ikaria Airport and serves hundreds of tourists every summer. Whether you are on the island alone, with friends or with your family, you can be sure that you will find the right car in Hellascar.

Book a rental car from Ikaria Airport

Book the ideal rental car at Ikaria Airport before your trip. Ensure the best price and availability you want, by booking a rental car in Ikaria at least one month before your arrival. After landing at Ikaria Airport, you can pick up the car you have booked and go to your hotel. With a car rental at Ikaria Airport, you have the advantage of being independent in Ikaria throughout your vacation.

Using the booking form at hellascar.com you can compare prices from different car categories and find the best offer for you. You can choose cars that are economical to use for example. Of course, you can choose a larger category with a comfortable car or an SUV. Finally, you can choose to rent a vehicle with 7 or 9 seats. Ideal if you are a group of many people. For vacations with cheap rental cars at Ikaria Airport, choose the car rental company at Ikaria Airport, Hellascar. Hellascar has many years of experience in a car rental and you will be completely satisfied.

Livadi beach with a rental car at Ikaria airport

In Ikaria, there is a variety of activities and recreation areas. For example, between the two fishing villages of Armenistis and Gialiskari, the two large and sandy beaches of Livadi and Mesakti entice you to swim and relax. Feel the warm sand at your feet, rent a surfboard and explore the fascinating underwater world around the island. Mysterious caves, sea turtles and beautiful pictures are waiting for you for a dive.

If you are a lover of hiking from the village of Armenistis you can walk to the imposing Mount Atheras and enjoy the wonderful view. With your rental car from Ikaria Airport, you can also discover beautiful mountain villages such as Christos Rachon and the picturesque bay of Na. In this bay, you can visit the ruins of the temple of Artemis. Rent a car at Ikaria Airport easily with hellascar.com reservation form. Choose the type of vehicle you prefer, the date and additional services if you wish. You can add a second driver, get full car insurance and add child seats. Of course, in all cases, you will have roadside assistance if you need it. Cheap car rental at Ikaria Airport can be found at Hellascar.

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