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Rent a car in Milos Airport

White houses beautifully arranged, a volcanic island, colourful impressive rocks, and place of one of the most famous statues in the world. You understood well. We are talking about Milos. One of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and the whole Aegean. It is worth touring the island and rent a car in Milos airport at low prices.

The statue we mentioned is the famous Aphrodite of Milos (or Venus of Milos) which has offered great publicity to the island. It is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris for many years. Greek governments, many art lovers and lovers of history around the world have fought great battles from time to time to return the statue of the Goddess of Love and Beauty to its place of origin. Unfortunately, so far, their efforts have failed. At the moment there is one “authentic copy” of the statue in the Archaeological Museum of Milos.

Rent a car in Milos Airport

Although it is a popular destination among couples, Milos is much more and is suitable for everyone. Of course, Plaka and the Castle are ideal for a magnificent view of the Aegean. They also offer a romantic sunset. Beyond that, I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t interested in great food! The walks in the Cycladic alleys, the sights and of course the fantastic beaches of the island with the emerald water will excite you. Admire the impressive rocks in a combination of colours like white, red, and yellow. Mylos offers a landscape of unique beauty.

The beaches with a car rental at Milos Airport

The island has over 75 beaches, all separate, that worth talking about. Indicatively we will mention some of the most famous. Of course, you should try to find out as many as you can when you visit the island. To do this, you need to rent a car in Milos airport, which will give you the flexibility of movement you need.

We start from the most famous beach of Milos, Sarakiniko. A beach of historical importance, where pirates used it as a shelter to hide. Huge, all-white rocks and crystal clear water compose a lunar landscape. It is also suitable for an evening bath with the necessary attention, of course.

Fyriplaka is also a fantastic beach. It takes a short walk to get there, but nature will compensate you. Clear blue water with a large rock dominating the middle and a beach bar to serve you with the essentials.

If you can stand it for more, from the same dirt road, you went down to Fyriplaka, move left instead of right. The road will lead you to Tsigrado beach as long as you are willing to suffer a little because you will have to go downhill with a rope. So pay attention if you are a family with young children. Although it is inaccessible, to those who can, it is worth going. The place is heavenly with all-white soft sand and emerald water.

The list goes on with other beaches of incomparable beauty such as Agia Kyriaki, Agios Sostis, Paliochori, Kleftiko and many more.

Car rental Milos Airport (MLO)

Apart from the ferry lines that connect the island with various ports of Greece, you can also travel to the island by air. Milos Airport (name IATA: MLO) is located 8.5 kilometres southeast of the capital of the island, Plaka. During the summer months, it is served by the KTEL (buses) of Milos, and of course, there is a taxi rank that operates during airport opening hours. However, as mentioned above, the island has many beauties to offer and many activities. The use of a car is almost imperative. So avoid the hassle and rent a car at Milos airport. Book a car rental in Milos through our hellascar.com page easily, quickly and on budget.

Car for rent at Milos airport

Rent a car in Milos and get your rental car from the car rental office at Milos airport. With Hellascar, car rental at Milos Airport is now easier and more accessible than ever. If you are looking for car rental companies in Milos for cheap car rental in Milos, we know that we can offer the right car for you at the most competitive price. If you want to rent a car from Milos airport, keep in mind that due to the high traffic at all airports in Greece during the summer, it would be nice to follow some basic rules that will make the car rental process at Milos airport significantly faster.

During your reservation, it is necessary to fill in the flight number that you arrive in Milos. This will also be useful for you because if there is a delay, our colleague will continue to wait for your flight so that you can pick up the car immediately after landing. Based on the car rental conditions of the companies, the customer is considered not to appear after a certain reasonable waiting period. Therefore, we recommend that you notify us immediately if you have missed your flight or change your trip to Milos so that we can serve you better. When you pick up your rental car at Milos Airport, you will need to have a valid driver’s license and your ID or passport with you.

Cheap Car rental Milos Airport MLO

If you are planning your next vacation in Milos and you arrive by plane at Milos Airport, book a car rental with us as it will allow you to explore this small Greek island in complete comfort. By renting a car at Milos Airport, you can plan your day trips to nearby beaches and attractions without having to rely on other means of transportation such as taxis and buses. At Hellascar, you can choose from an extensive fleet of rental vehicles. You will find a car that suits your needs and requirements. Choose the right type of car the size of the car that serves you.

At Hellascar you will find a cheap rental car at Milos airport to spend your holidays on the island. You can book your car at Milos Airport, either online at hellascar.com or by phone at +30 2310 603600. The booking department will assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is the comfortable travel experience upon arrival with a rental car from Milos Airport. Make your reservation today and ensure the best price on the market, as well as the availability of the car you are interested in.


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