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Cheap car rental at Heraklion Airport (HER)

Heraklion Airport Nikos Kazantzakis is the second largest airport in Greece. Its name comes from the famous Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis. The airport is 4 km away from the city. Tourist traffic is exceptionally high during the summer, and the airport serves scheduled flights from Greece and abroad. Charter flights from various parts of the world are also operated during the summer. Transfers to and from the Airport are by bus, taxi, and rental cars. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the city is to rent a car at Heraklion Airport. This way you will be able to visit the countless beaches in Crete and taste the food in famous taverns and restaurants.

Rent a car at Heraklion airport

Retail Stores at Heraklion Airport cheap car rental

There is one restaurant and five cafeterias at the airport, where you can have lunch or a coffee before or after your flight. You can also shop for Duty-Free items such as perfumes, cosmetics, gift items, etc. Of course, there are special places where you can wrap or store your luggage. There is also an ATM for cash withdrawals.

How to get from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion with a rented car

There are various options to travel from Thessaloniki Airport, such as taxis, buses, and car rentals.

Heraklion by taxi or by a rental car from Heraklion airport

You can take a taxi to the airport and take you to Heraklion. The cost for the city ride is about 20 euros, and the journey takes about 15 minutes. It is good to know that in most taxis you cannot pay by card. So you will need to have cash on hand.

Heraklion by Bus or by a rental car from Heraklion airport

The cheapest option is to take the bus to Heraklion. The bus takes about 35 minutes, and the ticket costs about 0.75 euros. However, buses are not convenient, especially when travelling with family or with luggage.

Cheap car rental at Heraklion Airport

The best way to get from the Airport to Heraklion, but also to the rest of Crete, is to find a cheap car hire service at Heraklion Airport. Certainly to rent a car at Heraklion airport with Hellascar car rental at Heraklion Airport will make your stay in Crete and Heraklion more comfortable. You can easily book a car for a leisure or business trip, and avoid waiting in queues or delays. At Hellas Car, you will find your rental car at the best prices in the market. With 20 years of car rental experience, you will be assured of the credibility of the company. You also have no mileage restrictions and 24-hour support from Interamerican Road Assistance.

Car rental at Heraklion Airport

Rent a cheap rental car from Hellascar and pick it up at Heraklion Airport (HER). Crete is waiting for you to discover it as it is the largest of the Greek islands. A popular destination for vacationers as it combines many archaeological treasures and beautiful beaches. Thanks to the great variety of nature that the place offers, nature lovers will be delighted. According to legend, the birthplace of the god Zeus is located in a cave of Lassithi. A fabulous place for a holiday with many surprises! Book a rental car from Hellascar, a car rental company at Heraklion Airport and start your vacation from the airport to the sights and beaches of Crete!

Car Rental Heraklion Airport. Knossos, an important archaeological site of Crete

If you rented your car in Heraklion from the airport, you could pay a visit to Knossos. It is only five kilometres from the city of Heraklion and you many consider it an important archaeological site. Knossos was the most significant ancient metropolis of Crete. The place is very famous for the palace of Knossos, which is a point of European heritage. According to a legend, Minotaur, a monster half-man, half-bull, lived in the labyrinth of Knossos! Every visitor who books a rental car at Heraklion airport through the car rental company Hellascar in Crete should visit Knossos! You can go to Heraklion with a cheap rental car and from there to ancient Knossos.

Cheap car rental in Heraklion from the airport

Those who love Greek cuisine will enjoy real food in Crete. From grilled delicacies such as souvlaki or burger to traditional plates such as bean soup and moussaka. Enjoy sweet sins such as baklava, kataifi or Cretan “xerotigana”y with honey. True love for Crete will go through the stomach first! Do not miss in Crete, instead of ouzo to drink tsikoudia. It is a local aperitif and is usually served everywhere! You can take a walk in Heraklion with a cheap car for rent from Hellascar.

Tips for unforgettable holidays with car rentals from Heraklion airport

In Crete the sea is blue-green, and the beaches are white and sandy. Also, the sky is mostly blue, and everywhere you will see the traditional houses, which are the characteristics of the island. Experience the intensity of Greek entertainment in the local bars and cafes, as well as the people who come and go at the port of Heraklion. If you like sea life and fishes, don’t miss a visit to the city’s aquarium. If you want something more relaxed, enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafes in the city. Discover it with a rental car from Hellascar.

Attractions in Heraklion with cheap car rental

Water sports, hiking and walking in the ancient monuments. Indeed, the island of Crete has something for everyone.

Samaria Canyon with a rented car from Heraklion airport

The Samaria canyon is the ultimate destination for hiking enthusiasts. It is located in the south of the island, at 17 km and is one of the largest canyons in Europe. In some places, the rocks rise to a height of 600 meters and are impressive! The canyon is also rich in cypresses, pines and plane trees. The water from the springs can be drunk without hesitation as it is clean. However, make sure you have water with you, as there are no shops there, except for a few kiosks at the south exit. A real experience for nature lovers! You can go to Heraklion with a cheap rental car and from there to the canyon of Samaria.

Heraklion airport car rental. The Old Town in Heraklion

The old town of Heraklion with its small streets, shops, cafes and taverns offers everything one would expect from a big city in Greece. In the centre of the old town, you will find the Morozini Fountain. Francesco Morozini built it in 1628, who through a complex, for that time, pipeline system managed to bring water to the thirsty city of Chandakas from the springs of Archanes. The octagonal tank resting on a unique platform is decorated with embossed mythological representations and marine figures, such as tritons, dolphins, and various coats of arms. At the same time, the water flowed from the mouths of the four lions. At the top of the fountain was a supernatural statue of Poseidon, which, however, probably collapsed due to an earthquake. The fountain was the completion of the city’s aqueduct from its completion in 1628.

Car rental at Heraklion airport. The Palace of Knossos

It is the most famous attraction of the city of Heraklion, but also of the whole of Crete. Knossos Palace is 22,000 m² and houses many rooms, courtyards and halls. Mythical stories in the form of murals adorn the walls. Thus the palace refers to another era far from today, and the frescoes bring to life the events of this era in the mind of the visitor. A unique experience not to be missed!

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