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Rent a car Alexandroupoli airport

Alexandroupolis is the capital of the prefecture of Evros and has the largest port of Thrace. It is considered a significant city as it is a hub between Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans. A beautiful and modern city, full of taverns and restaurants with great food, bars for relaxation and entertainment. You will also find luxurious hotels for a pleasant stay, whether for business or leisure. For your transfers, you can rent a car Alexandroupoli airport.

The trademark of the city is, of course, the famous 27-meter high lighthouse. It has been in the harbour since 1880 and sheds light for so many years on sea and land. For nature lovers, the Delta of Evros, which is a few kilometres from Alexandroupolis, is considered a sacred site and of course of enormous ecological importance for flora and fauna of our country. A shelter and restroom for thousands of aquatic birds as more than 300 species of birds come and go as seasonal visitors.

Rent a car Alexandroupoli airport

Nearby trips from Alexandroupoli with a rental car

When in Alexandroupolis do not miss the opportunity to visit some places near the city that are worth your time. These are the wild forest of Dadia, the Cyclops Cave in the port of Makri and the famous Evros spa resorts located in Traianoupolis. The city of Alexandroupolis is running at a rapid pace of economic growth. It’s port, and the train station are important trading centres.

The island of Samothrace

A beautiful nearby destination that you can visit by boat from the port of Alexandroupolis is the island of Samothrace. An island of great natural wealth and excellent gastronomy. Remarkable for its mountainside but also the seaside. Travellers from all over the world come to admire the world-famous pedestals. If you enjoy hiking, you will love Samothraki. As you progress through the beautiful natural landscape, you will discover more and more pedestals as well as small waterfalls and places where even the most beautiful painting will look cheap in the face of what nature itself has created. You can rent a car Alexandroupoli airport and go to Samothrace with the ferry.

Alexandroupolis Airport (AXD)

Alexandroupolis is also connected by air to several major cities both domestically and internationally via the Alexandroupolis State Airport “Demokritos” (IATA: AXD). The airport is located east of the town and only 6.5 kilometres from the city centre. In front of the airport building, there is a stop of the Alexandroupolis KTEL. By bus, you can reach Alexandroupolis in about 20 minutes. If you don’t like the crowds, there are taxis at the airport. The best solution for your travel, and arguably the cheapest, is to rent a car at Alexandroupolis Airport, as you can go wherever you want, without any hassle. Through our hellascar.com page you can always check rates and availability and of course, make it easy to book a car hire directly from Alexandroupolis airport.

Cheap car rental at Alexandroupolis airport

Do you need a rental car at Alexandroupolis Airport and looking for a cheap car rental? With the car rental company at Alexandroupolis Airport Hellascar, you will easily find a cheap and reliable vehicle at Alexandroupolis Airport. At Hellacar you will find significant benefits included in Hellascar rental cars such as unlimited mileage, full insurance and vehicle theft protection and third party damage insurance.

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Alexandroupolis International Airport Demokritos is the airport of the city of Alexandroupolis. It is about seven kilometres from the centre of Alexandroupolis, which you can easily reach by renting a car from the car rental company at the airport in Alexandroupolis, Hellascar. Stay independent of public transport and expensive taxis. You will receive the rental car at the airport so that you can start your vacation without further delay.

Driving to attractions by rental car from Alexandroupolis Airport

The city’s attractions include the impressive lighthouse at the port of Alexandroupolis, the ethnological museum of Thrace with many exhibits from different eras and the square of the Metropolis, which attracts many visitors, especially in the evening. In addition to the picturesque beaches of the area, you can visit the Evros Delta with your rental car. The Evros Delta is home to more than 300 species of birds and various species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. If you are a nature lover it is a must experience. Finally, you can relax in the well-known and popular thermal baths of Evros in Traianoupolis. You can go by rental car from Alexandroupolis as it is only 12 km away.

Cheap car rental at Alexandroupolis airport

Discover Alexandroupolis with flexibility and comfort with a rental car at Alexandroupolis Airport. Enjoy your vacation in Alexandroupolis and explore the beauties of this beautiful place. With a rental car at the airport of Alexandroupolis, you can discover the many attractions that the area has. We recommend that you look for an offer at the booking form of the car rental company at Alexandroupolis airport, hellascar.com. You will find that in Hellascar you will find the best market prices for cheap car rental at Alexandroupolis Airport.

The proposal from Hellascar is to choose to make a reservation with additional services, such as full car insurance so that you do not have to worry in case the rental car is involved in a damage incident from a minor accident. You can also add a child seat and a second driver, as well as various other additional services. To receive the corresponding additional services, simply select the service you want in the booking form for a rental car at Alexandroupolis Airport. This move will save you time and money as all you have to do is pick up the rental car from the car rental company at Alexandroupolis Airport.

Why rent a car at Alexandroupolis Airport with Hellascar

By renting a car at the airport in Alexandroupolis from Hellascar you are sure that you have achieved the best price for car rental. The car rental company at the airport in Alexandroupolis Hellascar has a lot of experience in car rentals and you will be completely happy. If you have any questions about your reservation, do not hesitate to contact the customer service department at +30 2310 603600 and we will be happy to inform you. Alternatively, you can send an email or use the contact form.

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