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1. I am coming to Thessaloniki for Holidays. Will I find a car rental at the airport?

Thessaloniki airport hosts all major multinational car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Europecar etc. Also, at the airport area there are local Greek rental companies that offer high quality services to the tourists of the airport. One of them is our company with the brand name HellasCar car for Thessaloniki car rentals.

2. What car rental options you suggest?

If we assume that the low season prices for the winter are similar with all companies, then we must focus on the service of each car rental company.

3. What are the disadvantages of the big car rental companies?

According to our opinion, multinational car rental companies are impersonal, in the areas of car pick up and drop off and during liabilities services at the time of the car rental period.

4. How can I make a car reservation at HellasCar for the days I want?

You can make a reservation by phone or by filling our form at our website hellascar.com Thessaloniki Rent a Car car rentals Thessaloniki.

5. Do I need to make a deposit in order to make a reservation?

We only require a deposit, if the car’s availability is restricted.

6. Do you require a cash guarantee for car rental?

A car rental at the Thessaloniki Airport area, under certain conditions, does not require a credit card guarantee. However, for certain types of car rentals require a credit card, for deposit. If warranty is required, the amount ranges from 700€-1200€.

7. How can I pay?

You can pay in cash or by a card (credit/debit) when you return the car to us.

8. Can I add a second driver to the car?

Yes, you can add a second driver and he/she must be registered in the renting contract. The charge of the second driver is just 2€ per day.

9. Driver age restrictions

The driver of the car, must have completed the 23rd year and not be above 80 years old. A prerequisite for new drivers is to have a driver’s license at least 2 years before renting a car.

10. Child seats.

There are different sizes for all ages. Find out more about their charge on the site’s reservation form.

11. Snow chains.

Snow chains depending on the car type are available for a small charge of 2€ per day.

12. Do I get my deposit back in case of a cancellation?

Unfortunately the deposit of 10% is not refundable, when it applies. For the most of our cars, we do not require a deposit, so you will not need a refund anyway.

13. Does Hellas car operate in other places other than Thessaloniki Airport?

Hellas car has a network of 35 stations across the country of Greece.

14. How I can make a car reservation in places other than Thessaloniki?

You can book a car visiting our website hellascar.com rent a car. Unfortunately we cannot accept a car booking via telephone if you are not booking for Thessaloniki. You are also required to pay a deposit of 10% with your card.

15. How do I get the rental car from HellasCar?

A representative of HellasCar will wait for you at Thessaloniki’s airport at the designated meeting area.

16. How do I identify the HellasCar representative at Thessaloniki Airport meeting place?

HellasCar’s representative will hold a sign writting the client’s name.

17. Where are the HellasCar, car rental offices located?

HellasCar is located on a 3 km distance from Thessaloniki Airport.  We transfer our customers to our location in just 5 minutes.

18. What should I take into consideration when renting a car?

You should give attention to the type of car rental insurance.

19. Should I be aware of any previous damage to the car?

Of course you should. You must also sign the vehicle damage status document, apart from the rental agreement.

20. Does HellasCar provide road assistance?

Our company works with Interamerican Road Assistance, which provides assistance 24 hours a day nationwide.

21. What should I do in case of an accident?

You first inform the police, especially when there is an injury, and secondly, the road assistance to record the incident. Finally you contact HellasCar.

22. What will I be charged in case of damage to the rental car?

Damages are directly related to the car insurance you have chosen with HellasCar.

23. What does commission damage waiver insurance cover?

This type of insurance covers material damage depending on the car category. The customer will be charged 700 euros  for categories B1 and C, and 1000 euros for categories D, E, G, I. In other categories, different charges may apply, depending on car’s type.

24. What does full damage waiver insurance cover?

In this case the driver of the rental car is not liable for any material damage other than the damage caused to the underside of the car or its wheels.

25. Can the car be replaced in case of accident?

HellasCar is obliged to replace the damaged car with a new one. The customer must come to the company’s premises to pick up.

26. What happens in case of mechanical failure?

In this case HellasCar is obliged to replace the damaged vehicle at the place of failure, as soon as possible.

27. What if, HellasCar can’t immediately replace a replacement car, in case of high season limited availability?

In this case HellasCar takes the cost of transporting the customer by taxi.

28. What if I need a tire change?

All rental cars have a spare tire and the necessary tools so that the driver can change the tire.

29. How do I solve the wheel change problem when I am not able to do it myself?

In this case you can call road assistance, which will provide its services.

30. Am I obliged to compensate HellasCar for the damaged tire due to my own fault?

Certainly YES. Mixed insurance does not cover the cost of damaged tires.

31. Does my insurance cover an accident due to alcohol or other substances use?

No, by no means! You have to take full responsibility, entirely on your own.

32. Is driving outside the Greek territory permitted?

No, by no means. In addition, none of your  signed car rental insurance policy is valid.

33. Is my rented car allowed to board a ferry in Greece?

Yes, as long as you have the written consent of HellasCar.

34. What do I do if I delay the return of the car at the specific time and date stated in the car rental contract?

You are obliged to inform us in the case of drop off delay. If it is within a reasonable time of 2 hours then there is no charge.

35. How does HellasCar receive the returned car?

The returned car is received by HellasCar’s staff, and the gas level is recorded. Also the car is examined for any external damage or scratches.

36. It there a kilometers limitation?

No, the kilometers are unlimited!

37. Is there an out of hours extra charge?

In case of car pick up or return,  after 21:00 in the evening and before 08:00 in the morning there is an extra charge of 20 €.

38. Is it mandatory to use child seats?

For the safety of your children, you should use child seats for children up to 36 kg and up to 13 years old. The charge is 2 euro / day and 1 euro / day for the second child seat.

39. Nothing else, the staff will wish you a comfortable trip and take you to Thessaloniki Airport, free of charge.




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