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Rent a car in Rhodes Airport

Rhodes belongs to the Dodecanese and is located in the southeast Aegean. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece. It has about 117,000 permanent residents and is just 18 kilometers from the Turkish coast. Rhodes is also called “island of the Knights” because of their presence during the 14th century. The Palace of the Grand Master is a landmark for the history of Rhodes. It is located in the center of town within the castle of Rhodes Old Town. Rent a car in Rhodes Airport and you will be able to see all the beauty of the island.

Rhodes has plenty of history. For example you can visit the Old Town area, surrounded by the castle wall of Rhodes. In the Old Town you can enter through one of the ten gates of the castle. The Sea Gate is the one dominating the two pillars and is rumored to be the main gate. Also, a few meters away from the entrance you will find the Old Town Square, and the Archaeological Museum is near the Knights Street. The “Acropolis of Rhodes” located just outside the city and is of great tourist interest. At the same time in Lindos, there are the ruins of another ancient city of Rhodes with the citadel of Lindos being the focus of tourist attraction.

Rent a car in Rhodes Airport

The airport of Rhodes

Rhodes State Airport (RHO) “Diagoras” is located 16 kilometers southwest of the city of Rhodes, in the village of Paradisi. It has been operating since 1977 and serves flights throughout the year. During the winter it serves flights mainly from Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion. Rhodes. Also, during the summer peak season, is connected by air with direct flights to many countries abroad. Germany, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Israel are some indicative countries totaling more than 15. Rhodes airport can accommodate up to 13 aircraft. For the volume of tourists arriving each summer, facilities at Diagoras Airport are relatively minimal. However, efforts are being made to upgrade and optimize those facilities and equipment to serve better all the guests.

Cheap Car rental at Rhodes Airport

At Rhodes Airport there are taxis available for use 24 hours a day. The most economical solution is to use the regular bus service to several destinations. Also, you can pay the bus ticket directly to the bus driver. Of course the ideal solution for exploring on one of Greece’s largest islands is to rent a car. It is recommended to rent a car in Rhodes Airport and visit all the attractions and beaches of the island. Book your Rhodes cheap car rental easily and quickly now through our website hellascar.com page and discover the history and secrets of Rhodes. The Island of the Knights is full of surprises that you should discover.

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