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Rent a car Volos Airport

Volos is a beautiful city of Thessaly that lies on the Pagasitic Gulf. Nearby is the majestic mountain of the Centaurs, the magnificent Pelion. It is a large, modern city with more than 80,000 inhabitants. It has an airport and one of the most important ports in Greece. The town is linked to the famous Argonautian campaign, one of the most significant epics of Greek mythology. Beautiful as painting, the area near the port has many picturesque shops full of joy and life. There you will find the famous Tsipouro Taverns, which of course are scattered throughout the city. Even in small narrow streets. Be sure to try the authentic Volos tsipouro (local alcoholic drink) with delicious seafood appetizers. You can go around the city and rent a car at Volos Airport.

Rent a car Volos Airport

So, when you are in the city, do not forget to take a walk through the Argonauts pedestrian avenue and the “Old” district. There, you can admire the Roman baths, the ruins of the 6th-century castle, the Ottoman gunpowder warehouse and many more. It is also worth a visit to Goritsa hill to get a panoramic view of the city of Volos. There, you will find a different church, the Virgin Mary of “the hole”, which is built in a cave by the sea.

Archaeological sites and places of interest in Volos

To the west of the city you will find important, and one of the most ancient archaeological sites in Greece. Sesklo and Diminio. Volos is a city for all tastes and really for all seasons. During the coldest seasons of the year and in spring you have there is a close destination, Pelion. There you will find enchanting villages such as Makrinitsa, Portaria, Tsagarada and many more. As for summer, a few hours by boat from the port of Volos, you can find the beautiful islands of Sporades. Like Skiathos, a trendy island for tourists, with beautiful beaches and lots of fun. Skopelos, with its crystal clear water and charming villages. Alonissos, a quieter island with incomparable beauty and great food.

Car rental Volos Airport (VOL)

Volos is connected by air to several significant cities abroad as well as domestically via Nea Anchialos State Airport (IATA: VOL), which is 24 km from the city centre. The airport is accessible via the Thessaloniki-Athens National Road. The Volos Intercity Bus has established special routes according to the flights’ timetables. Of course at the airport, you will find taxis during opening hours. But there is no reason to worry about availability as you can rent a car in Volos Airport and not miss a minute from your precious time. You can easily, quickly and cheaply book a car rental from Volos Airport through our hellascar.com page.

Cheap car rental at Volos airport

Most travellers visiting Volos, land at Nea Anchialos Airport (VOL). The airport is located southwest of Volos. The fastest and easiest way to get to Volos or nearby places from here is to rent a car. Various car rental companies are available at the airport. However, the best and most economical option is to make your reservation from hellascar.com and just pick up your rental car from Volos airport. The journey to the city takes about 40 minutes.

Car rental company at Volos airport and port

Volos is located exactly in a place that is a natural, protected port in the middle of mainland Greece. So shipping has always played an important role in this place. Today there are ferries that run from here to the Sporades, an idyllic holiday destination for holidays on an island. You can reach the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos by boat in a few hours. At the port of Volos as well as at the airport you can make a reservation for car rental in Volos.

Explore the city with a rental car at Volos Airport

With a rental car at Volos airport, you have the independence of movement. You save unexpected travel costs and hassle, especially if you are with your family. Explore the beautiful surroundings of Volos with a rental car. Stop at a tavern or traditional cafe, and try the local tsipouro, a popular drink that is a type raki aperitif. Local specialities include spetsofai, a plate made of sausage and peppers. In Volos, you can also try another speciality such as artichokes with squid and fennel. Enjoy the beautiful landscape by taking a rental car from Volos airport.

Discover Thessaloniki with a rental car from Volos airport

Volos is well connected by road with the largest cities in Greece, such as Athens and Thessaloniki. Once you find the right cheap rental car at Volos airport, it is worth taking the highway and making a short trip to Thessaloniki. The beautiful city of Thessaloniki is about 215 km away while the capital of Athens is 326 km away. The highways are comfortable and easy to drive. However, be aware that there are several toll stations on the route. Discover the city of Thessaloniki north of Volos. In Thessaloniki, you can discover many exciting sights. With the rental car in Volos, you can comfortably drive and go to nearby neighbouring cities from the highway.

The church of Agia Sofia in Thessaloniki with a rented car

The city of Thessaloniki combines culture and Greek history. There you will find the church of Hagia Sophia, which is one of the remarkable buildings of the town. The church is unique, and in its current form, it has existed since the 7th century AD. It is worth visiting the interior of the temple and admire its interior decoration.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and Aristotelous Square with a rental car

If you are a fan of ancient Greek culture, visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, one of the most important archaeological sites, where you can see exhibits from four eras of Macedonian history. There you will also find older exhibits from the Neolithic period as well as well-known exhibits from the Bronze Age. Pass by the famous Aristotelous Square located in the centre of Thessaloniki. It is one of the largest squares in Greece, and there is a statue of Aristotle. Here you can take a break and enjoy a coffee or food, in one of the cafes or restaurants in the area. Relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea of ​​Thermaikos.

After your short getaway, you can drive back to Volos with your rental car. Find cheap car rental at Volos airport. Compare prices from different car categories through the Hellascar booking form.

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