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Rent a car in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis is the largest city of Thrace, an important port and commercial center of northeastern Greece. It is easily accessed by plane with domestic and international flights from international airport AXD located 6 kilometers away. In the port, you can find the famous lighthouse. Feel the mix of east and west cultures in one place. Also, walk along the quay area that is full of taverns, cafes, and pastry shops!

Rent a car in Alexandroupolis

Rent a car in Alexandroupolis: An excellent starting point for holiday excursions

Out of the city, travelers can use the facilities provided by the area. Also, they can choose from a variety of destinations near the city depending on their interests. Rent a car in Alexandroupolis and begin to discover the highlights of Thrace.

At the archaeological site of the Mesimvria Zone (7th century BC) you can find the hidden mystery of an ancient “air condition”. The site is located just 20 kilometers away. Also, near Mesimvria there is a famous landscape called the Cave of Cyclop Polyphemus. Certainly, there you can see one of the most important Neolithic settlements in Balkans that have been discovered.

Just 20 km away from Alexandroupolis, there is a protected area called “Delta of Evros”. Also, the area hosts significant and rare species of plants, fauna, and birds. Just a little bit further, 60 kilometers away, there is another nature lover’s dream. That is the Dadia Forest Ecotourism center. Information about the forest’s ecosystem is provided there. Also, two main pathways allow you to explore an area where 36 of Europe’s 38 species of predatory birds can be found.

If you want to take a break to relax Thermal Springs in a nearby village called Traianoupolis. The springs will provide the traveler with great facilities and body renewal, above all! Four buildings are preserved since the Roman years. Those remind that the baths were used since ancient times for healing and treatment. The water contains hydrochloride and thermoelectric, therefore, it is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and liver, slipped disc, and rheumatopathies. In conclusion, Alexandroupoli and Thrace have many to offer to its visitors. Rent a Car with Hellascar and explore the area with the comfort of a car.

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