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Rent a car in Igoumenitsa

Rent a car in Igoumenitsa and enjoy an alternative vacation in Northern Greece. Igoumenitsa is a small coastal town in the northwestern part of Greece. It is surrounded by hills, greenery and blue water that will leave you breathless. This town is the capital of Thesprotia prefecture and one of the most interesting places of it. For nature lovers, it is the best place to go to. Despite being small, some destinations cannot be reached without a car that are of great interest. Therefore, request car rental in Igoumenitsa and discover more about Thesprotia’s beauties.


Rent a car in Igoumenitsa

The centre of the town is filled with several cafeterias, fast food restaurants, and traditional taverns that serve local delicacies! Enjoy your meal near the beautiful water of the Gulf of Igoumenitsa and get a new lease of life. Apart from that, there is a club that would be ideal for drink goers. Some cafes also turn into bars during midnight hours to let locals and visitors experience Igoumenitsa by night.

The port of the town is a focal point when it comes to visitors. Its view is spectacular and satisfying with boats all around. It is the second most important port in the country. The reason is that it constitutes the gate to Greece for visitors of Italy and Albania, as well as Corfu island.

However, you should take into consideration that the town has limited bus services for transportation. For this reason, it would be wise of you to rent a car in Igoumenitsa to explore it in detail. With this in mind, you can go anywhere even if you have a limited amount of time!

The Ragiou Tower and the Archaeological Museum

For history lovers, you can drive your car and get to the famous Raion Hill. There you can have a look at The Tower of Raion that holds years of history from the Byzantine times.

The town’s Archaeological Museum is also a great option for visitors who love history. With your rental car in Igoumenitsa, you can easily reach this destination quickly enough. The museum consists of five sections, each one showcasing the ancient times of the region.

If you like monasteries, the Monastery of Giromeri is also worth visiting although being a little far away. Distance will seem less than it is, though, considering that you drive to go there.

Other places to visit within Igoumenitsa

A great point of interest in Igoumenitsa is Sagiada. This seaside village offers a great opportunity for sea lovers to dive into crystal clear water. It is also a great spot for going camping. Locals tend to go fishing quite often, so you can taste unforgettable fish dishes by visiting a traditional tavern. Going there with a bus can be quite time-consuming, though. A car would be extremely useful in such cases.

Other famous beaches are Strovili and Keramidi beach, ready to satisfy anyone’s preferences. Strovili is known for its deep blue water. The view from that beach is amazing and suitable for taking breathtaking photos. Keramidi beach is a livelier one. Turquoise water and green flora are two features that can be found there. However, beach life does not end here.

Around 3 miles away from Igoumenitsa you will find Drepano peninsula and the famous Drepano beach. A sandy beach with blue water and beautiful trees, ideal for those who love the sea and nature. This is also the place where many tourists choose to go camping. The tranquil nature combined with the sea makes it a special way of vacationing.

Finally, consider visiting Sivota and Parga, two favourite destinations for tourists beyond the town’s territory. Their lively atmosphere is unforgettable and worth experiencing.

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