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Rent a car in Kithira

Enjoy a quiet, summer vacation in Greece. Rent a car in Kithira and make your holidays memorable!

Kithira island is in southern Greece, between the Peloponnese and Crete. The quickest way to come to Kithira is by airplane. Kithira’s national airport serves the needs of the island with daily flights. Also, you can fly to Athens Airport and then get the ferry to Kythira. Moreover, there are ship routes from Gytheion, Neapoli and Piraeus ports. Hire a car in Kithira and explore the interior countryside of the island and the fantastic beaches.

Rent a car in Kithira

Rent a car in Kithira and visit some beautiful places

The lush island on turquoise sea water belongs to the Ionian islands even if it is remoted from the main group. Make a request to rent a car in Kithira and explore the mountainous island with many valleys into the sea, each of them forming a beautiful beach. One of the most famous pebbledash beaches is Kaladi. It has crystal clear water on the eastern part of the island. The beach is separated into three parts. The third and most impressive is a small cave that ends up on a small bay. Another miracle of Kithyra is beach Diakofti that seems like an exotic place in the Mediterranean Sea. Swallow, light-blue water and white sand, an ideal beach for relaxation.

Nearby village Diakofti, history lovers can reach easily a small cave called, Chousti. Archaeological excavations have brought to light findings dating from 3000 BC. At the base of the cavern, there is a fossilized seashell from ancient times, which may be a representation of Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty. Moreover, 14 kilometres away, on the top of a hill of Paleokastro, lies an ancient capital. The area includes the church of Agioi Anargyroi, built in the ancient sanctuary of the Dioscuri, Castor and Polydeuces and the church of Agios Georgios where there is a sanctuary that dates back to the geometric years.

Finally, the adventure continues near Milopotamos, 10 kilometres from Paleokastro, among rocks and plane trees there is a waterfall called Fonissa. Also known as Neraida waterfall, which in Greek means fairy because you are welcomed by countless dragonflies and the sound of the wild water.

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