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Rent a car in Lefkada, Nydri

Lefkada is the adventurous island of the Ionian Sea, known worldwide for sports activities and breathtaking natural landscapes. Lefkada is connected to the mainland by floating bridge and is easily accessed by Aktion airport. Rent a car in Lefkada so you can tour the island and go to various beaches without having to pay for taxis or rely on urban transport.

Rent a car in Lefkada

Places to visit in Lefkada island with a rental car

The most popular sports on the island are paragliding and kite surfing. This is because of the strong winds that blow on several beaches. Anytime that you look upon the sky you will point a colourful flying parachute! Just 20 kilometres south of Nydri is the resort of Vasiliki, a sea sports centre. There you can rent canoe, sea bicycle or windsurfing board.  Lefkada rewards the visitor with wild beaches like Agios Ioannis, Vassiliki that are great places for water sports. Rent a car in Lefkada, cheap, and visit all the famous beaches!

Apart from the windy beaches though, there are many others known for the blue waters and the stunning view. On the west coast, 40 km from Nydri, you can reach Vasiliki village that is a small gateway port to boats that are floating to the most beautiful beaches in Greece, Porto Katsiki and Egremni. Another beach with fantastic landscape and fascinating turquoise water, called Kathisma, just 30 km away.

Request to rent a car in Lefkada and do not miss the chance to discover the island beauties. Besides the beaches, easily accessed by car are many seaside villages with delicious food and stunning sunset scenery. In the southwest of Lefkada, at the height of 600 meters, you can visit Exanthia, a traditional mountainous village with an exquisite view of the Ionian Sea. There are organized cafes and restaurants where you can drink coffee, savour homemade delicacies and taste the local food and wine while you are gazing at the blue horizon. As for the adrenaline lovers, they can try paragliding enjoying a breathtaking view and a colourful sunset.

Rent a car in Lefkada and explore the island

Lefkada is an island in the Ionian Sea and is the ideal starting point for a rental car trip. However, it has its charm because, as in the neighbouring islands, the English, French and Venetians have left their mark everywhere. If you are planning your next vacation to the island and in the city of Lefkada, you should, above all, have the independence of movement. Besides, it is recommended that you book a cheap rental car before the holidays at hellascar.com using the booking form. Then you can pick up your rental car directly from the car rental office in Lefkada or at the airport of Preveza located in the mainland. From here you can easily reach the island of Lefkada by renting a car over the 50-meter long bridge over the sea.

Cheap car rental company in Lefkada

Rent a car of your choice so you can admire the full beauty of the island. It is not only the sights that make Lefkada so attractive. Visitors are also fascinated by the enchanting nature, the dense vegetation, the colourful flowers, the big sandy beaches and the solitary bays. You will meet several small villages on your trip by car for rent in Lefkada. At times, you may feel that time seems to have stopped. The locals are hospitable and will welcome you to the picturesque squares of the village around which there are taverns and cafes. There you will be able to experience for a while, the Greek tradition and culture, of the place up close.

Car rental at the airport of Preveza and Lefkada

In case you arrive by plane you can rent a car at the airport of Preveza and then go to Lefkada with a rental car. This type of rental allows you to pick up the rental car upon arrival at Preveza Airport. The island of Lefkada is just 20 minutes away from Lefkada, and you can cross without a ferry. You can cross from mainland Greece to Lefkada from a small bridge.

Full damage waiver for a rental car in Lefkada

To be covered in case of possible damage to your rental car, it is worth adding the full car insurance. Even if this type of car rental insurance option is a little more expensive, it has the advantage of covering all costs in case of damage. In that case, you don’t have to pay anything extra. Keep in mind that locals in Lefkada have a different way of driving than in Europe in general. It’s a good idea to be covered by a minor accident that may occur.

Additional driver for the rental car in Lefkada

If you are travelling with other people in Lefkada who also have a valid driver’s license, you can register them as additional drivers in the contract. So, you have the opportunity to give the rental car in Lefkada to your wife or friend who is on vacation together with you. Adding a driver to the rental car in Lefkada can be helpful in case you feel tired or have drunk a little too much.

Travel to Lefkada with a rental car

In Lefkada, there are several museums, such as the archaeological museum, the ethnological museum and the phonograph museum. They are located in the island’s capital and are easily accessible by renting a car in Lefkada that you can make cheap if booking through the internet in advance. From here it is not far by the car, the castle of Agia Mavra, located near the city. Nowadays, it is used for many cultural events, especially in the summer.

The cheapest car rental company in Lefkada

A cheap car rental in Lefkada will offer you complete freedom. Drive your rental car to Nidri on the east coast of the island. Nidri is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Lefkada. Book your rental car in Lefkada and visit the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada such as Porto Katsiki. You can also drive your rental car to Sivota and visit the fishing village of Nikiana! We recommend that you do not miss the magnificent landscape of Lygia. Take a walk and park your rental car in the Marina of Lefkada, one of the best-organized marinas in Greece! Make sure you cross the magnificent wooden bridge of the lovers in the channel of Lefkada!

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