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What can you find at Athens Airport?

By Hellas Car 1 January 2020

Athens airport is the traveler’s first contact with the capital of Greece. It is the gateway to top destinations around the world. After landing at the airport, you will be able to pick up your rental car from Hellas Car. Athens Airport receives thousands of visitors daily and offers excellent facilities and services.


Have you rented your car and want to park it at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport? There are more than 7,000 parking spaces outside the airport. If you have received your rental car from our company and wish to leave it at the airport for a while, you can use one of the above locations. These posts are divided into short and long duration. Choosing the right one for your vehicle depends on the time you want to park. The first 20 minutes are free at P1 and P2 areas outside the airport.


The Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, in addition to secure transportation, provides a variety of commercial outlets. Every traveler visiting the airport facilities can find clothing stores, electronics, as well as numerous cafés and restaurants. Among other things, upon arrival in Athens, you will be able to park your rental car from Hellas Car and enjoy the experience. Also, inside the airport you can discover great souvenirs and gifts in the specific gift shops. For any further information, call the Athens International Airport telephone: 210 3530000.

Art and culture

From the first minute of your arrival at Athens airport, you will get in touch with the cultural richness of Greece. In particular, it is considered by many to be a crossroad of meeting cultures while contributing to the country’s cultural development. The promotion of the unaltered Greek heritage around the world is visible in most places. One of the most striking examples is the permanent exhibition dedicated to Eleftherios Venizelos.
Another ornament is the exhibition of archaeological finds that adorn the Athens airport. Also, the various cultural collaborations hosted inside the airport help to provide a complete cultural experience to all guests.

Rent a car from Athens Airport

Do you also want to visit the city of the goddess Athena and think about your transportation in the city? The most economical and effective solution is to rent your own car from Hellas Car. Our dedicated staff will be at the airport premises to deliver your vehicle. Enjoy your vacation without stress and delays. With the lowest prices in the market and no hidden charges, Hellas Car ensures comfort, safety and quality in your journey.

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