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Rent a car in Athens

Rent a car in Athens

Athens is the largest city of Greece and its capital. It has a history of 3,000 years and ranks as Europe’s oldest city and one of the oldest in the world. The city was named after the goddess Athena and is also considered her protector. It is connected by sea, with the port of Piraeus, the largest port in Greece, serving approximately 24,000 ships a year. The choices the visitor has are unlimited. There are many things one can do in the city, but also the surrounding areas. It is worth to rent a car in Athens so you can explore its beauties and drive to nearby points of interest!

A modern metropolis today, Athens has thousands of years of history and is a centre of culture and literature. The capital is rich in historical monuments and points of interest, such as archaeological museums, modern history museums, theme museums, traditional neighbourhoods, neoclassical buildings and modern restaurants and bars.

Athens car rental. Visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon

Perhaps the first and most important attraction to visit in Athens is the Sacred Rock of Acropolis and the Parthenon. Built-in honour of the goddess Athena by Iktinos and Kallikratis, it was completed in 433 BC. His frieze depicts the procession of the Panathenians, which was the largest religious celebration of that time. Nearby you can admire findings from the area and admire the Caryatids in the Acropolis Museum. A beautiful museum, with amazing architecture and modern spaces, is ideal for exploring the ancient Greek history.

In the historic centre of Athens, you will also find the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea. Also close to the Acropolis you can admire the Herod Atticus Conservatory, where up to date, great concerts are held. The Ancient Agora, Asklepios and various monuments are within walking distance of the Acropolis.

Entertainment with a cheap car rental in Athens

A stroll through the picturesque neighbourhoods of Plaka and Thissio will make you feel that you are not in a big city. You will find remarkable neoclassical buildings and plenty of restaurants, taverns and bars so you can relax and enjoy a meal, drink or coffee. Continue to Monastiraki. There you will find antique items, as well as various types of traditional art, artefacts, and clothing. It is a reputed market that attracts many tourists as well as locals.

Continue on Ermou Street where you will find one of the most commercial streets of Athens in front of you. Here you will be able to shop from various large chain stores and boutiques. At the entrance of Ermou, you will see the Hellenic Parliament and Sintagma Square. Additional points of interest nearby are the Presidential Palace, Maximus Palace, the Zappeion Palace and the National Garden. Find cheap car hire in Athens and explore Athens!

Daily escapes from Athens. Rent a car in Athens

If you still want to take a one-day excursion to nearby destinations from the city choose Hellas Car for cheap car hire in Athens. There are plenty of places to visit in about an hour. We will suggest some of them.

Temple of Poseidon in Sounion with a cheap car rental from Athens

In Loutraki for thermal baths

Sounio is 70 km away from Athens and is a suggested destination for a short escape from Athens. The coastal route to Sounio is enjoyable, while the sunset from the hilltop will be unforgettable. There, on the Cape of Sounion, is the temple of Poseidon, built between 444 BC. and in 440 BC. It used to be a sacred place for the sailors of that time. Today, part of the temple is preserved with several columns on the east side of the temple as well as the adjacent Ionian Temple of Athena. Sounio is an ideal destination. So rent a car in Athens for a memorable excursion!

Athens rental car. In Loutraki for thermal baths

In Loutraki for thermal baths

If you are a lover of thermal baths, surely an excursion to Loutraki will amaze you. It is only 80 km. from Athens and you can visit it with a cheap car hire in Athens with Hellas Car. There you will find the natural springs that sprinkle healing water containing various minerals and ingredients, beneficial for health. In Loutraki, there are organized spa facilities and many prefer it as a short refreshing getaway from Athens. In the area, you can also visit the ancient ruins of Heraion, a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera, in 800 BC. You can also take a stroll along the fascinating trails in the Gerani Mountains and enjoy nature. Finally, in Loutraki, there is also the casino where you can enjoy a meal or a drink.

Rent a car in Athens for an excursion to Nemea for wine tourism

Excursion to Nemea for wine tourism

If you love wine, a trip to Nemea will surely impress you. Rent a car in Athens and begin your journey! Nemea is 116 km from Athens, or 1 hour and 20 minutes. There is also the archaeological site of Nemea. According to the myths, Hercules killed Leo of Nemea in his first victory, at the command of Eurystheus. Zeus then felt sorry for Leo and sent his lifeless body to the skies. This is how the temple of Leo was built in Nemea. At the same time, you can find remains of the Nemean Stadium. There were great sports events that took place from 573 BC. in honour of Jupiter and Ofeltis. Also, the Nemea region is known for its vineyards. So plan a visit to one of the wineries in the area and try the local wines.

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport car rental (ATH) and transfers

Athens Airport is 35 km away from the city and will take you about 40 minutes to get to the centre. A bus, taxi, suburban and metro service can be used to take you to Athens from Athens airport. Of course, the most convenient way to get around, and the one we recommend, is to book a rental car in Athens. If you are coming back from the airport you will also be served by car rental at Athens airport.

It is well worth the money to drive your car and avoid queues at buses or pay overrated taxi fares. You have the independence of movement with the guarantee of Hellas Car. No hidden charges and 24-hour road assistance from Interamerican. It is also worth mentioning that there is no limit to the miles you can do. So choose a rental car in Athens and enjoy the joys of the city!

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