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Rent a car in Chios

Rent a car Chios,

Chios is one of the largest islands in Greece, to be more precise, is the fifth largest island in the country and is located in the central Aegean. With a population of about 51.000 inhabitants, the island is renowned for many products that are produced there. Those products are also exported and the most popular are mastic, olive oil and citrus fruits.

Famous is the plain of Chios, a huge fertile valley and the famous Mastichohoria. If you are in August in Chios do not miss a walk in one of the 20 Mastichohoria where the mastic is collected. The trees produce ‘tears’ with the crystals of the precious material and the whole area smells beautifully. Villages in Chios consist of narrow, cobbled streets, admirable arches, imposing castles and beautiful picturesque monasteries that you can visit and admire.

The island, in addition to the picturesque small villages, has many beautiful beaches to offer that can meet all tastes of summer visitors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that even if you stay a whole summer on the island is most likely not to be able to explore all that Chios has to offer.

Gastronomy of Chios

As for the gastronomy of the island, is more than satisfying. You will find fresh fish from the Aegean Sea, wonderful local oil and delicious locally produced wine. All make a blend of flavors that are hard to forget and impresses even the most demanding consumer.

Transfers in Chios

For your transfer to the island, car hire is by far the best option. The island is large enough but with a very good road network. Explore the mountainous side of the island, with all the magical images it has to offer. Continue to every beach, small or large, hardly or easily accessible, and swim in their deep blue water. This is an opportunity to charge your batteries for the winter!

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Chios Airport Omiros (JKH)

The airport of Chios is called Omiros and was named after the well-known historical author, as it is one of the dominant islands claiming the origin of the famous author of the Odyssey and Iliad poetic texts. The airport built in 1969 is just 4 kilometers from the city center of Chios. Rent a car directly from Chios Airport and start the adventure of exploring the island immediately!

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