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Looking for your next summer vacation? Rent a car in Chania and explore Crete and its tradition!

Rent a car in Chania

Chania is located on the northwestern side of Crete. It is the second largest city on the island and one of the most important ports in the country. Chania has about 110,000 inhabitants and is considered a city of great historical importance with a multicultural character. From the old town to the famous beaches of the island, Chania can offer unforgettable experiences of relaxation, fun, culture and gastronomy. You can easily and quickly make a request for car hire through our website. Visit the Samaria Gorge for hiking or enjoy your bath in one of Greece’s best beaches. You will be amazed by the the enchanting beach of Elafonisi or the turquoise beach of Balos on the Gramvousa peninsula. You can easily and quickly request a car rental in Chania through our website and secure the lowest car rental rates without the need of a deposit.

Kiuchuk Hassan Mosque

The mosque that stands in the Venetian harbor of Chania is a typical mosque built in the 17th century and was called the Gialos Mosque (Yali Mosque) or Kiuchuk Hassan. It is an impressive building of Islamic art during the Renaissance. The mosque is still preserved today and decorates the harbor area.

Egyptian Lighthouse

The Egyptian Lighthouse at the port of Chania was actually built by the Venetians in the 16th century. Its height is 21 meters and the transmitted signal can reach up to 6 nautical miles. Perhaps a trademark of the port, it has been photographed thousands of times and is an iconic symbol of the city. It was built on a rock and in the 19th century and it was rebuilt by the Egyptians, so it took its name. Today it adorns the entrance of the Venetian harbor to Chania.

Rent a car in Chania

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Τhe international airport of Chania (CHQ)

The International Airport of Chania "I. Daskalogiannis "is located on the peninsula of Akrotiri (or Souda) and is about 20 minutes (14 kilometers) from the city of Chania. At Chania Airport there are many domestic flights to and from the major airports of the country. There are many direct charter flights from many major European countries during the touristic season, with airport traffic reaching 2.5 million passengers each year. There are buses and taxis for the transportation of passengers to and from the airport, but the most practical option for your trips to the island is to rent a car directly from Chania Airport. There are several car hire companies at Chania Airport. Choose Hellascar for cheap car hire at Chania Airport and you will be satisfied like thousands of our customers.