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Rent a car in Kalamata

Kalamata is the capital of the prefecture of Messinia with a population of about 55 thousand inhabitants. In particular, it is located in the heart of the Messinian Gulf. It is an integral part of the southern mainland. Kalamata has a purely Mediterranean climate and is considered an excellent tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists each year. Also, it is a popular nearby destination for the residents of Athens as it is 220 kilometres from the capital. Some choose Kalamata as an excellent choice for a short getaway near their city. Rent a car in Kalamata is easy with Hellas car.

Rent a car in Kalamata

Entertainment in Kalamata

Kalamata combines a magnificent 5 km long beach with the majestic Taigetos Mountain, rising above it. Also, along the coast, you will find everything. Beautiful beach bars, restaurants and of course many hotel units with great amenities. All ready to offer you a unique experience of hospitality, entertainment and relaxation.

Explore Kalamata with a car rental in Kalamata

In this city of the Peloponnese, nobody is bored. Discover the imposing castle with its unique walls and the monastery of Kalograion. There, even today, the famous Kalamatian scarves are traditionally woven on the loom. It is also worth a stroll on Aristomenous Street through the long “secret alleys” and traditional shops. Of course, for those who are shopping lovers, the city centre is full of department stores. There you will find all the famous brands and generally whatever you are looking for.

Just 30 km from the city there is an exciting archaeological site worth a visit. To clarify, we are referring to the ancient Messina. There you can see temples and beautifully preserved buildings from the 4th century BC. All those are and kept in excellent condition.

Local products of Kalamata

Kalamata is a significant financial centre of the Greater Peloponnese and Greece in general. The city has a substantial agricultural production. Also, the most popular are olives and olive oil. Kalamata oil and olives are of superior quality. Indeed, their reputation has surpassed the country’s borders and has spread worldwide with exports almost worldwide.

Kalamata Airport (KLX)

Kalamata State Airport is just 7 km from the city centre. There are flights to and from the city of Thessaloniki. Also, there are many flights from well-known European cities, especially during the tourist season. Enjoy the beauties of Kalamata and the wider area and rent a car in Kalamata. Therefore you will not have to worry about public transport or waste your time. We advise booking your car rental instantly, easily and quickly through our website www.hellascar.com. To sum up, start your travel experience by arriving at Kalamata Airport, filling your mind and heart with pictures and events.

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