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Rent a car in Syros

Syros is located in the Cyclades, and Hermoupolis is the capital of the island and the Cyclades. The island’s population is about 22,000. Syros has experienced a tourist boom since 1990, mainly by Greek visitors. Today it is a lively island with many interesting buildings, public or private. You will notice, a typical medieval settlement in Ano Syros, built on a hill above the harbour. There you will find the Catholic Church of St. George. From the hill, you can have a fantastic view of the Aegean Sea and the neighbouring islands. Choose to rent a car, cheap in Syros and move around easily!

Rent a car in Syros

Attractions in Syros

Perhaps the most imposing and remarkable building is the Town Hall of Syros, which was completed in 1898. A three-storey building is overlooking Miaouli Square. The building is an architectural masterpiece as it combines Tuscan with Ionian and Corinthian style of architecture. You will notice that the main element of the building is the marble. The internal staircase is unique.

The Archaeological Museum of Syros

Also in Hermoupolis, there is the Archaeological Museum of Syros, where you can visit and admire various findings from the Hellenistic and Roman times. The museum was founded in 1835 and is one of the oldest in the country. The exhibits found there, even date back to the Early Cycladic civilization of 2300 BC.

Apollo Theater

One of the most important sights of Syros is the Apollo Theater, built in 1864 by Italian architect Pietro Sambo. The theatre is also inspired by the Milan Opera, which you can notice when you see the architectural grandeur and the details of the interior. Today it hosts several performances, including world-class shows.

The beaches of Syros

One of the largest beaches of Syros is Megas Gialos. It is an organized beach with umbrellas. Also, fantastic beaches with blue water and sand are Azolimnos and Vari beaches. In Syros, there are several beaches, mainly in the southern part of the island, each with its beauty. With a car rental in Syros, you will be able to enjoy them all one by one.

How to get to Syros

Syros is connected by ferry to the port of Piraeus and is 83 miles away. You can also take the boat from Rafina, 62 miles away. It is also connected to several Aegean islands such as Andros, Tinos, Mykonos and many more. Also, the island has Syros Airport “Dimitrios Vikelas” (JSY) and is 2 km from Hermoupolis. For your transportation on the island, prefer to rent a car in Syros so you can be independent for your trips. Renting a car is easy with Hellascar and the best solution so you can explore the whole island.

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