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Rent a car in Volos

Volos is located in Thessaly and is one of the largest cities in Greece. The port of Volos is the third largest and most important commercial port of the country. The city of Volos is built on the site of the ancient towns of Dimitriada, Pagas and Iolkos. It is easy to rent a car in Volos with Hellas Car. With the cheaper market rates and the reliability of our car fleet, you will be delighted.

Rent a car in Volos

The history of Volos

According to history, Jason lived in ancient Iolkos, where Volos is today. From there, he started his journey with the ship Argo and the Argonauts, to find the Golden Dart. On the outskirts of Volos, one can visit the Neolithic settlements of Diminio and Sesklos. In Sesklo there are findings from the oldest citadel in Greece and dates back from 6000 BC.

Destinations and Sights in Volos

Volos can offer the visitor a combination of mountain and sea. There are also several points of interest, such as museums and old neighbourhoods. Each place has its unique interest.

Old district

In Volos, you will find plenty of neoclassical buildings and plenty of shops to enjoy a meal, coffee or a drink. The Old District is famous for its picturesque routes and various points of interest. In the area, you can find the Museum of Volos, the ancient city of Palia and the Tsalapata Brick Museum.

An excursion to Pelion

An excursion to Pelion will excite you. Just a few minutes away are the villages of Portaria and Makrinitsa. Also Milies, Agios Lavrentios and Pinakates are villages that are also of tourist interest. In Pelion, you will enjoy the natural landscape and the view of the sea from above. Pelion is a tourist destination both in winter and summer, as there are several beaches where you can enjoy swimming.

The train of Pelion

“Moutzouris” the historic train of Pelion was doing the route from Volos to Milies during the past. The railway construction started in 1881 until Lechonia and the rest of the route, until Milies was completed in 1903. To take a train ride, you should visit it from the spring until autumn. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes for the journey, with a brake of 15 minutes at Ano Gatzea Station. The route starts from Ano Lechonia Railway Station, 12 km from Volos. The train departs at 11 am, and the return from the village of Milies is at 4 pm. Along the way, you will admire the nature at the mountain of centaurs, as well as the picturesque bridges. The view of the Pagasitic Gulf is certainly exciting!

Volos and gastronomy

Volos is a popular destination for “tsipouro”, a favourite Greek alcoholic drink. In Volos, there are plenty of restaurants or taverns serving tsipouro with various appetizers. It is estimated that there are about 600 of those restaurants in Volos. They say that this type of taverns began to operate in the 19th century from the refugees. At that time the workers were looking for a tavern near the port, where they worked, to end their day with a meal accompanied by a tsipouro. In the beginning, the appetizers were typical, like a roasted octopus, a little salad, some salted fish. As time went on, the conditions changed, and the appetizers became richer. So when ordering a tsipouro, they will serve you with several dishes of fresh fish and seafood, such as sardines, anchovies, marinades, squid, octopuses, mussels and a variety of salads.

The airport of Volos (VOL)

Volos is served by air from Nea Anchialos Airport. You can take the shuttle bus or a taxi to and from the airport. To get to the city, you have to travel 26 km. You can easily find cheap car hire at Volos Airport with Hellas Car. No hidden charges and 24-hour roadside assistance. The rental car is the most practical solution for your trips to Volos and Thessaly.

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