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Rent a car in Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece and is located southeast of the country. It is one of the Aegean islands. Rhodes is also known as the “island of the knights” from the monument that exists in the old town of Rhodes, the castle of the knights. In the city of Rhodes, there are more than fifty-five thousand permanent residents. Lindos also stands out on the island of Rhodes. A traditional settlement that still retains the citadel of the old town. Easily and quickly, make your request for car rental in Rhodes through our website. Enjoy your memorable holidays in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Rent a car in Rhodes and make your holidays relaxing and stress-free!

rent a car in rhodes

So, the princess of the Dodecanese will amaze you and impress you with the combination of its rich history that is evident everywhere and the nature that has been particularly generous with it. What to see first in Rhodes? The Old Town, Mandraki, the Valley with the Butterflies, the ancient Ialyssos?

The list of attractions is huge, and everything is so beautiful that you will not want to leave anything out. How will this be done during the limited time of your holidays? You don’t need to think about it a lot. Soon, you will end up making car rental in Rhodes by default. The island is large, and if you think that Rhodes is only Venetian castles and places of cultural and archaeological interest, you not right. Beautiful sandy beaches with emerald water, picturesque taverns, and gourmet restaurants as well as the intense nightlife with many bars and clubs for all tastes, compose the puzzle of this lovely island.

Routes with a rental car in Rhodes

For lovers of adventure and sports, Rhodes is considered an excellent destination. There are many hiking trails in the wild. You can do water sports on the beach of Ialyssos. The clear blue water and strong winds that blow in the area make it ideal for windsurfers and kite surfers.

Rhodes is also famous for its gastronomy. It produces many products that are intertwined with its cultural heritage. Typical examples are honey, sweets such as “melekouni”, “diples”, traditional jams, and natural wines with the most popular being the sparkling wine it produces. After all, the Rhodians during the ancient years were considered the most significant wine merchants in the Mediterranean. It is speculated that Rhodes was the first Aegean island to cultivate vineyards, so you understand that it has a rich tradition in winemaking.

Car rental in Rhodes at a low cost. The palace of the Grand Master

Perhaps the most important and imposing attraction on the island of Rhodes. It is located in the centre of Rhodes, characteristic of the time of the Knights. The palace of the Grand Master is enclosed by the walls of the castle of the Old Town of Rhodes. You can tour the Old Town on foot. There are ten entrance gates, but the main gate is the Sea Gate, and it dominates with two large columns in front of the port of Rhodes. It is worth visiting the archaeological museum in the Old Town, to cross the pedestrian street of the Knights and undoubtedly to choose a tour of the Palace of the Grand Master. The visit will take you to the 14th century and bring to life images of the time of the Knights.

Lindos with a rental car in Rhodes

A few kilometres south of the city centre, about 50 kilometres away, is Lindos. For this distance, use the rental car in Rhodes to visit this ancient settlement. It is a traditional settlement, while the ancient citadel of Lindos is also a desirable tourist destination. You can get just outside the settlement with the cheap rental car. Then you will walk in the picturesque alleys of the settlement. Small cafes, taverns and tourist shops will pique your interest. When you reach the citadel of Lindos, you will feel that it is a miniature of the Parthenon. The ancient columns, of Doric style, take you to the history of the ancient settlement, while the blue of the Aegean seems endless.

Excursions to Rhodes with car rental. Anthony Quinn Beach and Tsambika Beach

Anthony Quinn Beach is one of the most famous and impressive bays in Rhodes. Head to the area of ​​Kallithea. There you will discover this quiet bay, a rocky area flooded with trees. Follow the streets that lead you to the crystal clear water. It is a windless spot, with clear water where it is worth enjoying your bath.
If you want to continue the sea getaway, a few kilometres south of Anthony Quinn Beach, you will find Tsambika Beach. Perhaps the most famous beach in Rhodes, sandy with a large area, shallow and clear blue waters. Ideal for families and children, while there is also the possibility of water sports.
HellasCar welcomes you with a reliable and economical rental car to discover every corner of the enchanting island of Rhodes.

Rhodes International Airport Car Rental (RHO)

Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras” is located 16 km southwest of the city. Access to it can be by taxi or city bus. It is connected to several airports in Greece, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, but also many significant cities abroad during the summer. Also at Rhodes airport, you can easily rent a car for your trips on the island without any hassle and commitments. Rent a car in Rhodes immediately, quickly, reliably, and without any hidden charges through our hellascar.com page.

Try local food with a rental car in Rhodes

The inhabitants of Rhodes, and in general in Greece, usually go out in large groups to the traditional taverns and restaurants of the area. At the tables, you will see a large number of dishes with various delicacies from local recipes. Usually, large groups do not order individually. That is, all the dishes are put in the middle, and the company tries all the dishes. Many times, small appetizers replace the main meals. However, appetizers contain different flavours, and there are different salads and appetizers around. Grilled fish and meat are the most popular for most. Mediterranean vegetables can be found as side dishes, but they are also cooked in the oven. You should try delicious briam with aubergines, moussaka, grilled fish and grilled lamb chops. Accompany your food with local wine or a cold beer!

Additional services for car rental in Rhodes

For your holidays on the island of Rhodes, you can book various additional car rental services. This can be done through the booking form of the car rental company in Rhodes, Hellascar. You can simply select the desired additional services when booking at hellascar.com. Select the dates you want to book a rental car in Rhodes and compare prices from different car categories. For example, you can choose to have child seats if you are booking a rental car in Rhodes, and you are coming with a family with small children.

Rhodes is a popular travel destination, especially for families, and a child seat is essential for children to travel with safety. Also, our customers have the option to choose full car insurance or even add a second driver to the contract. Of course, if you wish you can add a GPS navigator to help you drive on the island of Rhodes.

Cheap car rental in Rhodes and vehicle categories

When booking a rental car in Rhodes, you have the option to choose between cars of different categories. So you can choose which type of vehicle will meet your requirements. Usually, our customers prefer small cars, especially those with the smallest engine. The routes to the island of Rhodes are not very long, so you do not need to spend many hours in the car while driving. We recommend a small car that is cheap, flexible and very practical even in the narrow streets of the small villages of Rhodes. If you want you can choose something bigger and economical to transport more people comfortably, such as a family or a group of friends.

Pick up a rental car at Rhodes airport

On the island of Rhodes, Rhodes Diagoras International Airport serves direct flights from Germany and Europe. You can book a car rental at Rhodes Airport from various car rental companies at Rhodes Airport. You can find car rental companies directly at the airport. Also, some car rental companies do not have a station in the arrivals hall, but close to the airport. You can book a cheap rental car at Rhodes Airport from Hellascar and pick up your car from the rental station near the airport. A staff member will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. He will then take you for free with a minibus to pick up your vehicle. The reservations department can give you any information you need about your booking and car rental services in Rhodes.

Car rental in the port of Rhodes. Ferries to and from Rhodes

The port of Rhodes has many ferry connections to several Aegean islands. It is also a popular destination for cruise ships, even those coming from abroad. Regular itineraries connect Rhodes with Athens and some neighbouring islands such as Crete Heraklion, Kos and or Santorini. It is possible to pick up the rental car at the Port of Rhodes if you come by boat.

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