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Rent a car in Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece and is located southeast of the country. It is one of the Aegean islands. Rhodes is also known as the “island of the knights” from the monument that exists in the old town of Rhodes, the castle of the knights. In the city of Rhodes, there are more than fifty-five thousand permanent residents. Lindos also stands out on the island of Rhodes. A traditional settlement that still retains the citadel of the old town. Easily and quickly, make your request for car rental in Rhodes through our website. Enjoy your memorable holidays in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Rent a car in Rhodes and make your holidays relaxing and stress-free!

rent a car in rhodes

So, the princess of the Dodecanese will amaze you and impress you with the combination of its rich history that is evident everywhere and the nature that has been particularly generous with it. What to see first in Rhodes? The Old Town, Mandraki, the Valley with the Butterflies, the ancient Ialyssos?

The list of attractions is huge and everything is so beautiful that you will not want to leave anything out. How will this be done during the limited time of your holidays? You don’t need to think about it a lot. Soon, you will end up making car rental in Rhodes by default. The island is large, and if you think that Rhodes is only Venetian castles and places of cultural and archaeological interest, you not right. Beautiful sandy beaches with emerald water, picturesque taverns, and gourmet restaurants as well as the intense nightlife with many bars and clubs for all tastes, compose the puzzle of this lovely island.

Routes with a rental car in Rhodes

For lovers of adventure and sports, Rhodes is considered an excellent destination. There are many hiking trails in the wild. You can do water sports on the beach of Ialyssos. The clear blue water and strong winds that blow in the area make it ideal for windsurfers and kite surfers.

Rhodes is also famous for its gastronomy. It produces many products that are intertwined with its cultural heritage. Typical examples are honey, sweets such as “melekouni”, “diples”, traditional jams, and natural wines with the most popular being the sparkling wine it produces. After all, the Rhodians during the ancient years were considered the largest wine merchants in the Mediterranean. It is speculated that Rhodes was the first Aegean island to cultivate vineyards, so you understand that it has a rich tradition in winemaking.

Rhodes International Airport (RHO)

Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras” is located 16 km southwest of the city. Access to it can be by taxi or city bus. It is connected to several airports in Greece, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, but also many major cities abroad during the summer. Also at Rhodes airport, you can easily rent a car for your trips on the island without any hassle and commitments. Rent a car in Rhodes immediately, quickly, reliably, and without any hidden charges through our hellascar.com page.

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