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Rent a car in Kos

Kos is an Aegean island located near Rhodes. Its population is about 33,000 inhabitants and is the third-largest island of the Dodecanese. The island has many historical monuments and is a tourist destination for many. Ancient Kos was founded in 366 BC. but the area findings suggest that it is inhabited since 3000 BC. Also, in Kos besides the beautiful neoclassical buildings with Venetian influences, you will find the architecture element of the Dodecanese. Rent a car in Kos, and you will have the opportunity to discover more about the island. Also, it worths mentioning that there is a network of bike lanes that allows residents to move with bicycles.

Rent a car in Kos

Kos Asclepieion

Kos Asklepieion is located 4 km from the town of Kos, on a cypress hill. The owner of the grove during that time was Apollo Kyparissios, and the church of Corinthian style was built to his honour. From the area there, you can see the coast of Turkey and have a fantastic view of the sea. This particular Asclepius is probably the most important of the ancient times and was a place of worship for Asclepius. Asclepius was the son of the god Apollo in Greek mythology. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, was lecturing at the Asklepieion of Kos. The ruins there are dated back to the 4th century BC. The discovery of the archaeological site was made only in 1902 by the German archaeologist Rudolf Herzog and Jacob Zarrafthis. Rent a car in Kos and visit the Asclepius archaeological site.

The castle of the Knights

At the entrance of the harbour, one can find the castle of the Knights of the Order of John. An emblematic castle consisting of two fortifications. You can visit the castle and admire various sculptures and inscriptions from the time it was in use. It was built in the 14th century BC. from the John Knights. According to the testimonies, during the 15th century BC. Kos had dense vegetation of orange and lemon trees. Therefore the castle was also called Neratzia castle.

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates

In Platanos Square in Kos, in front of the Castle of the Knights, you will find the Hippocrates plane tree. According to mythology, Hippocrates passed his knowledge, teaching under this tree. It is also said that the apostle Paul did the same. Nowadays there is a 500-year-old plane tree that probably originated from the original plane tree. It is noteworthy that seeds and cuttings from the plane tree have been distributed at various points on the planet, mainly in medical schools.

The Cave of Aspri Petra. Rental cars in Kos

The Cave of Aspri Petra is considered one of the oldest monuments on the island. It dates back over 100 million years. It is located in the southwestern part of the island on Mount Zini. The findings show that it was inhabited and used for animal husbandry, but also that it was a place of worship. According to scientists and geologists, the cave was formed by the creation of a large crack, 2 km long, between two large rocks. You can get there by driving one of the rental cars in Kos from the car rental company in Kos, Hellascar.

Car rental in Kos for short excursions

Kos is very close to the Turkish coast. Go by car for rent in Kos to one of the ports of the island where there are frequent itineraries to the coast opposite. If you are a lover of the sea and adventure, visit the beaches of the island to enjoy swimming and water sports from local businesses. For the more adventurous, diving on the bottom of Kos is a unique experience for the rich world of the Aegean.

From Kos, there is quick access to the neighbouring islands, such as Rhodes with its rich history. With the rental car in Kos, choose nearby destinations in the Dodecanese. Hellas Car can serve you with cheap car rental in Kos.

Cheap car rental in Kos. Gastronomy and local products.

In Kos, you will find a variety of taverns and restaurants to meet the requirements of every palate. Fresh fish and local meat come to accompany the excellent wine harvest of Kos. Oil and honey belong to the widely known local products. A special place is occupied by the sweet tomato which we recommend you to try during your visit to the island.

The airport in Kos

Kos also has an airport named “Hippocrates” and serves domestic and foreign flights during the summer months. You can rent a car at Kos Airport. Kos is connected by ferry to the port of Piraeus but also to many of the Dodecanese islands such as Syros, Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, and Kalymnos. The island has stunning natural beauty, and you will find several beaches to enjoy swimming. Choose to rent a car in Kos for your transportation and enjoy your vacation without any extra charges. Hellascar car rental offer services that will guarantee your transportation convenience!

Compare prices for a rental car in Kos

If you want to travel to the beautiful island of Kos and rent a car, we suggest you use the reservation form of Hellascar.com and make a comparison of prices from rental cars of different categories. In Hellascar you can find a cheap rental car in Kos. Your rental car will be waiting for you upon your arrival at Kos airport. You can pick up the rental car at the airport of Kos, a member of our partners will be waiting for you at the airport holding a sign with your name. In case your hotel is far from Kos town, the best option to explore the island is with a rental car. The rental car in Kos gives you the opportunity to adapt your trip to your own schedule and not depend on public transport and taxis.

Explore the beautiful beaches with a rental car in Kos

Many beautiful beaches are located on the island of Kos. You will meet endless sandy beaches with shallow water, where you can relax from your excursions with the rental car in Kos. Enjoy the ride, facing palm trees which are everywhere along the beaches, giving you the feeling that you are on an exotic vacation. In Marmari there is Erika’s Horse Farm, where you can go horse riding, as well as the windsurfing school, where, if you are a beginner, you will take the basic lessons for windsurfing.

The village of Mastichari is considered romantic with a beautiful sandy beach, where you can admire the sunset, while Tigaki is a larger village and you can find an equally popular beach. Near Tygaki of Kos, you will also find Alykes. There, you can explore a salty lake with your rental car, which looks almost dry at the end of the year. Flamingos also live there, which is a pleasant sight for nature lovers. After your trip, we suggest you visit one of the quiet taverns in Alykes in Tigaki, where the traveller can enjoy the delicious Greek food at relatively good prices.

Relaxing holidays with rental cars in Kos

With a rental car in Kos, the traveller is, above all, flexible. The beautiful beaches in Kos invite you for various daily activities. In Kos, you will find crystal clear water, fine sand, plenty of rest and relaxation on the beach of Kefalos. The water is quite shallow and the beach is also suitable for small children. For more fun, you can choose Paradise Beach, which is also located on the peninsula of Kefalos on the south side of the island. Here guests have many options for water games as well as various other activities. On the seafront, you will see that there are many taverns, where you can enjoy delicious food after you swim at the beach. Holidays on the beautiful sunny island of Kos with a rental car are an unforgettable experience.

Car rental in the port of Kos

Regular services are operated by various shipping companies that connect Kos with many of the neighbouring islands, as well as with mainland Greece. It is connected to the nearest islands such as Rhodes, Karpathos and Santorini, as well as to more distant destinations such as Lemos and Lesvos. There is also a connection with Athens and Thessaloniki, which are the most important destinations in the mainland. For your holidays a rental car in the port of Kos is usually the best choice. There are various car rental companies in Kos, but we suggest you make your reservation well in advance in the Hellascar booking form.

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