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Rent a car in Kavala

Kavala is located in Macedonia between the prefectures of Drama, Serres, and Xanthi. Opposite the town about 1.5 hours is the island of Thassos. The city has an important commercial and passenger port. It is connected to several Aegean islands such as Thassos, Lemnos, Agios Efstratios, Mytilene, Ikaria, Samos, and Chios. Also, it has an airport connecting the city with Athens, some other domestic and international destinations. It is a beautiful built amphitheatrically, with many attractions and tourist destinations. It has excellent golden beaches, some organized and others not. Rent a car in Kavala, and you will be able to see some important places of great archaeological value nearby.

Rent a car in Kavala

Attractions in Kavala

We must admit that the city has a rich archaeological and cultural heritage as the area has many historical monuments dating back to ancient times.

The Fortress and the Old Town of Kavala

It is said that the district of Panagia or the old town of Kavala has been inhabited since the 7th century BC. The city used to have different names like Neapolis and Christopolis. In the 15th century AD, the city is rebuilt and strengthened after a period of decline. So, works about the city’s defence and water supply are done. The fortress and the arches are built, which are essentially a water supply project for the town. The fort that dominates the citadel of the old town was built in two phases. In about 1425 the inner enclosure was build as a fortification structure. Also in 1520 AD additional fortifications such as the outer enclosure were made.

Monument of Imaret

Imaret in Kavala is considered an architectural masterpiece and its founder was Mehmet Ali. Born in Kavala, Mehmet Ali, with the permission of the Sultan, built this institution in 1813. It housed an elementary school, a kitchen, classrooms, a library, and several steam rooms. Today a luxury hotel operates in this building.

The arches

This monument with the arches of 25 m high and 270 m long was a water supply project for the old town. It was built in 1520 AD. from Ibrahim Pasha. The water they transported started from the source at the height of 400 meters and followed a 6.5 km route. This project alone helped the city to grow in population and become an important centre of commerce during the Ottoman Empire.

The ancient theatre of Philippi

The city of Philippi was founded in 360 BC. by Thassos residents who wanted to live in an area that is rich in resources such as agricultural goods, timber, and metals. That area is called Krinides. In 356 BC Philip II conquered the city and after fortifying it, he named it Philippi. The ancient theatre of Philippi got is Roman form during the 1st to 2nd century AD. It then went through various stages of reconstruction and multiple uses. Today it is used for theatrical performances during the Philippi Festival. There is also an archaeological site, as well as a museum. With a cheap car hire in Kavala, you can admire the archaeological site

The Lydia Baptistery

On the river Zygakti west of the ancient Philippi lies the Baptistery of Lydia. There, the apostle Paul baptized the first Greek and at the same time European Christian. The apostle Paul arrived in Philippi in 50 AD during his first tour in Greece. From 1974 the Lydia Baptistery was created in the area. Adult baptism takes place every year on May 20, the feast day of Saint Lydia. The site attracts many tourists who love religious tourism from all over the world.

The beaches in Kavala

Enjoy moments of relaxation on one of the beaches of the prefecture of Kavala. Blue water, sandy beaches, and taverns by the sea. The beaches of Kavala will surprise you whether you are organized or deserted. Nearby beaches in the city of Kavala are Kalamitsa, Batis, and Tosca. In the city, you can swim in Rapsani beach or Perigiali. A little further away you can enjoy the golden beaches of Palio, Heraklitsa and Nea Peramos. The most famous beach is Ammolofoi, 20 minutes from the city. Its fine sand and exotic water characterize it. You will need to rent a car in Kavala to be able to move around comfortably.

Kavala Alexander the Great Airport (KVA)

Kavala Airport is 30 km away. East of the city, near the village Chrysoupoli. It has been operating since 1981, and since 1987 it has been working as an international airport. There is a refreshment area and several car rental offices on site. You can also find buses and taxis at the airport for your travel. But we recommend to rent a car in Kavala airport so that you can make your schedule. No delays and surprises!

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