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Rent a car in Samos

Samos is a Greek island located in the eastern Aegean Sea. Specifically, it is located east of Ikaria, and it is the closest island to Turkey, which is 800 meters away. Between Samos and Turkey, there is the Strait of Mykali. The island of Samos has about 33,000 permanent residents. The capital of the island is Samos or otherwise Kato Vathi. Samos is a green island with vegetation even touching the coast. It is famous for its tourist attractions and the wine produced in Samos. At the same time, there is also a rich history, with the personality of the well-known Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, directly linked to the island’s history. With a car rental in Samos, you will be able to explore its beautiful coastline.

Rent a car in Samos


The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who is also known for his “Pythagorean Theorem”, is considered to be the founder of mathematics while among other things he was involved in music, philosophy, geometry and the science of celestial bodies. Pythagoras was named after the settlement of Pythagorion (the ancient city of Samos), the Pythagorian port where the statue of Pythagoras dominates and is a tourist attraction. Also, in the ancient town of Samos, next to an archaeological site, since 2009 there is the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion. For Pythagoras, history also teaches us that he fled to a cave (either to hide or to meditate) located on Mount Kerkis, that is a tourist attraction nowadays.

The Euphaline Ridge

Also on the island of Samos is the Euppaline Ridge or Distinguished Ridge. As its name suggests, it was made by the mechanic Eupalinos. It is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO in 1992. This trench was essentially a pipeline that would carry water to supply the ancient city of Samos. The purpose was to transport water to the city in a way that would not be noticed by raiders on the island. This trench is remarkable because there were limited technical means for the time it was built (6th century BC). The excavations began on both sides, and according to Efpalinos’ calculations, they met with great success.

The Heraion of Samos

Other tourist attractions that dominate Samos are the Temple of Goddess Hera, the Heraion of Samos as it is also called. UNESCO designated it in 1992 as a World Heritage Site. It is located southwest of Pythagorion. At its height it was 112 meters high, a size unmatched by the time, dedicated to the goddess Hera of antiquity who is said to have been born on the island. To date, only one pillar has survived, which is not at the height it was built.


In Samos, you will find sandy beaches suitable for swimming. The beaches are rich in beauty as the nature of the island reaches the coast. The best ones include Tsamadou beach with its crystal clear turquoise waters. Easy access and shade trees on the beach make it one of the best in Samos. You can rent a car in Samos and explore all its beaches. Each has something to offer. On the south side of the island, there are several sandy and windless beaches such as Votsalakia Beach, Psili Ammos, and Potokaki. On the Northside of the island, near Kokkari stands an organized beach, Lemonakia. Here you will also find calm waters, a very tranquil place to enjoy the combination of nature and sea.

Local products-traditional dishes

In Samos, many products thrive, and for this reason, it is characterized by antiquity as an “Island of Bliss”. Such products are vegetables, fruits, olive oil, but what Samos is famous for, is its vines. They also produce Moschato wine. An intense aroma of fruity white wine, it offers an ideal balance between dry and sweet. It can perfectly accompany seafood and white meat dishes of Greek cuisine. Traditionally Samos cuisine is used to make a type of pancakes, in sweet or savoury combinations, and eaten as a breakfast or snack. A typical dish of Samos is “Kiskiki” a time-consuming and Asian minor recipe and the locals cook it at festivals and weddings.

Ports in Samos

Access to the island can be done either by air or by ferry. There are three ports on the island of Samos. Port Vathi is located in the city of Samos. It is connected to Chios and the other two ports of the island, Pythagorio and Karlovassi. From Pythagorion ferry lines are connecting the island with the neighbouring islets, Agathonisi and Samopoula. Finally, the port of Karlovassi is connected with the neighbouring islands of Ikaria, Agathonisi with the neighbouring port of Turkey, Kusadasi. Also with other ports of Greece Piraeus, Kavala and many Aegean islands.

The airport of Samos

Samos Airport (SMI) has direct flights to Athens and Thessaloniki throughout the year, while domestic flights are increasing during the summer and direct flights abroad are added. Samos Airport can be reached by bus or taxi. However, for your tour of the island, it is recommended to rent a car both from Samos Airport and other rental stations, such as the ports of the island.

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