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Top holiday destinations without a ship

By Hellas Car 14 May 2020

As summer approaches, the planning of our vacations is increasingly on our minds. Even if the conditions this year are not ideal, they will hardly keep us away from a few days of relaxation in front of a beautiful beach, always of course following the rules of hygiene. Ideally, you could go on holiday without a ship.

Your finances may not be the best after all that has happened in recent months, but don’t get desperate, and don’t be disappointed! There is a way to have an equally good holiday without a ship with reduced costs, but always in a good mood and good planning. One way to lighten the holiday budget is to not have to travel by ship to get to your destination as the cost of ferry tickets is not negligible, especially as the number of family members increases.

So whether you want to avoid overcrowding on a boat for hygiene reasons, or for tight budget reasons, or for both, here are some great destinations for this year’s holiday without a boat, which you can reach by road without boarding to a ship! So get in the car you can rent from HellasCar car rental at great prices and get started

Halkidiki, a word with thousands of emotions

As a company with headquarters in Northern Greece and specifically in Thessaloniki, we could not avoid starting with Halkidiki, because as you will often hear Thessaloniki residents say “like Halkidiki nowhere!”. Just a few kilometers away from the city you will find everything you are looking for. The options are many and the beauties are endless. Do you want intense fun, busy beach bars, and fun until the morning? The first leg of Halkidiki and villages such as Kallithea, Pefkochori, Afitos, Paliouri, and many more will excite you, just an hour and a half from Thessaloniki with your rental car. Do you want relaxation on some of the best beaches in the country? The second leg, and villages like Vourvourou, Nikiti, Marmaras, Sarti and generally the whole of Sithonia has never disappointed anyone!

The exotic Sivota

Another place where the green of the verdant slope meets the blue of the sea with the crystal clear water and the enchanting beach. In a few hours, you will be in one of the top holiday destinations in Greece without the need to move with a ferry. Sivota and Parga nearby will win you over with their exotic beaches and good food by the sea. Believe us, this place has nothing to envy from the popular Greek islands!

South Pelion

Very close to Volos and again a few hours’ drive away from Thessaloniki and Athens, the southern Pelion will leave you speechless. When you listen to Pelion, your mind may automatically go to the mountains and winter getaways. But once you visit areas such as Milies and Tsagarada and relax on a beach like Mylopotamos, not only will you change your mind once and for all but you will suggest it to others to spend their summer holidays there.

Pylos, the most famous “belly” of Greece

You will relax so much lying on one of the most famous beaches in the world, the famous Voidokilia, waiting for the enchanting sunset, that until you leave behind any of the problems in your daily life. The options in hotels in Pylos are many and for all tastes.

Lefkada, the island from the mainland for a holiday without a ship

If you still belong to the category of people who can’t stand it if you don’t set foot on a Greek island this summer, we have the solution for you as well. Lefkada is a beautiful Greek island where you can go by road through a bridge without a ship, with your car for rent from HellasCar car rental. On the island, you will find unique beaches, picturesque villages and places with imposing views of the Ionian Sea. Here are some of the most famous beaches in the country such as Egremni and Porto Katsiki.

For those coming from abroad, whether you fly to Thessaloniki or Athens airport, the process is simple. You can visit our website www.hellascar.com, make a reservation for car rental either from the airport of Thessaloniki or Athens airport depending on your flight. You will be able to start your holidays without a ship by choosing one or more of the top destinations we mentioned.

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